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iFarming: Farmers’ Problems Solved With Fancom

The 21st century has seen the expanding technological advancements, taking every known field into its own territory. Be it business, finance, health, or agriculture, technology has dominated each and every field in a good way.

Our world can be described as a cruise of progress, with humans as its anchor, constantly progressing towards new innovations. It was no shock that farming would also see some groundbreaking changes in its core. The change came thanks to the technological revolution.

Since the beginning, Farming has sustained our world. Whether it is agriculture farming or livestock, we have sustained ourselves with the science of both. Over time, our practices and conduct of farming has changed. With more enhanced feeds and seeds, we have changed our ways of farming. The evolution of farming has made farmers to also cope up with the changes.

Ever since technology penetrated our world as a whole, we saw dimensional changes in every other industry. Smart Farming was no different. Technological advancement in livestock farming saw better hygiene, proper feeding system, efficient ventilation systems, and much more. The advancements are not only bettering the conditions of the farms but also of the animal, making them healthy.

One such smart farming company providing these amenities is Fancom. Fancom is a smart farming technology-based company that provides great solutions for your farm and all its parts. It has come up with different pig feed systems, weighing systems and cooling systems that have innovatively solved many of the problems farmers face on a daily basis. It is a chain system that gets relevant information, analyses data and then provides plausible solutions for the problems that arise.

Bad weather conditions, improper feeding of feed and declining profits are all solved by the smart solutions, experts at Fancom have come up with. Starting from automated feeding plants to climate-controlled environments have all contributed to the wellbeing of the livestock and multiplied the income generated.

Fancom’s latest innovation iFarming or ‘intelligent farming’ has revolutionized livestock farming. The smart-farm system is designed to keep livestock in the best conditions. iFarming is designed to reduce mortality rates of the livestock, making them develop faster, easier, and better. Fancom’s products are not just limited to big corporations, but cottage farms can also take benefit from their technological advancements. It is a safe investment and has had many successful operations all over the globe. The farming industry is going down and to make sure the world does not run short on food for the coming years, Fancom is coming up with different handy projects that are engineered to perfection and appreciated by different farmers who have gained benefits from them. The climate solutions projects have sustained good farming results and aided the 40 years of hard work to collaborate with sister companies and put together great minds to come up with great farm management software and hardware for iFarming.

The company is still working day and night to improve their services, bringing a ripple revolution in agricultural sectors and all over the world. As per the statistics at Fancom, every one in five employees is involved in the research and development of the company and the services it offers.