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This page holds a collection of our real-life farm fables. Some stories hold valuable advice, and others are just for fun.

How to Ice Fishing – A Fun and Rewarding Activity

Hey friends! This is a guest post from fellow blogger Paul Watson. As midwesterners, we ice fish every year. By following Paul’s tips, you can make your ice fishing hobby a fun and safe event! Are you looking for a winter hobby? How about ice fishing for Perch? Ice fishing is a great way to gets out and enjoy nature’s winter beauty, spends time with friends and family and catch supper while you are at it! If you have never been ice fishing before,

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What You Should Consider Before You Buy a Farm



It will be four years ago next month that we sold our home in the ‘burbs and moved to a hobby farm about forty-five minutes out of town. The farm life is in many ways a much harder life than suburbia life, but the blessings are well worth the effort and we wouldn’t trade it for anything. Since a fair number of people seem to be considering moving out to the country these days, I thought I’d share a to-do list of things one should consider before making the move to a farm, whether it be a smaller hobby farm like ours or a larger working farm. Here are some thoughts. Read more

Should I Buy My Child a Horse?

DSCN1333Whenever I mention that we have horses on our farm, I would estimate that at least half of the people I’m talking to say “Yeah, my kid wants a horse.”

Having a horse or pony is a dream for many children – and adults alike. But it’s important to know what you’re getting into before taking the plunge into horse ownership. We’ve been “horse people” for 5 years now, and we’ve learned a lot over the last five years. For the first year or so of owning our first horse, we boarded him at a boarding stable, and we’ve had our horses at home now for nearly four years.

I’m by no means a horse expert (that’s oldest daughter’s area of expertise) but I think we’ve learned enough to share some valuable information that people should consider before they make a decision to buy their first horse.

Here are some things you should consider if you’re thinking about buying a horse for your child. Read more

3 Ways to Eliminate Pests for Less


You open the drawer, and there it is: teeny little mice droppings. The scatter of ants. Or the “click, click, click” of roach feet as they make a mad dash for a hiding place.

If you’ve ever had to deal with pest infestations such as mice, ants or roaches, you know what a massive job it is to get rid of the problem.

My goal today is to help you avoid having to deal with those types of pest infestations. Living in the country, we have more than our fair share of mice, ants and other pests endowing our land with their not-so-enticing presence.

How do we –and how can you – keep them at bay, away from the home and securely outside? Here are some solid tips for ensuring your home gets and stays free of mice, ants and other pests. Read more

two chickens next to the side of a red barn

Finding My Frugal Farmer in Spain

two chickens next to the side of a red barn
Finding Love and Farming Joy in Spain

Greetings, my frugal friends! Today we’re featuring a fun and heart-warming post from life coach Lisa Hoashi. Lisa shares about the hard work and also the inevitable joys of living life on a working farm. Her words will bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart. Enjoy!  


How I Met the Love of My Life

I didn’t set out to find love. Truly.

The reason why I quit my job and gave away most of my possessions was because I’d long had the dream to travel for at least a year, unfettered and carefree. Sure, as I talked about my plans with my other single friends, they often looked at me with a twinkle in their eye. “You’ll be sure to meet someone when you’re traveling,” they said. Read more

The Frugal Farmer 2016 Goals

2016 Goals

Setting goals is something I do personally and we do as a family every single year. Usually, I look forward to these goal-setting session with great anticipation. This year, not so much. It’s been an exhausting year here from a personal standpoint, and although we are praising God that we came through the many bumps in the road that we experienced with success, I’m Just. Plain Tired. Although I can’t share all of the details of our hurdles, they were intense to say the least.

Have you ever had a year like that? No need to share the details, it’s just that, in spite of the many tribulations I’ve experienced in my life (see more on that here, here and here) I’ve usually come out with a victorious attitude. This year I just feel kind of like I escaped certain destruction by the skin of my nose and I’m darn worn out. Read more

My Favorite Things: Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone
Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone

As Christmas nears the corner and Hanukkah is in full swing, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things for your holiday gift-giving list. Here at the Frugal Farmer household, we’re not much in favor of the “popular” gifts but prefer classics that will stay on your list of things to enjoy for a long time to come, so here they are. Check out the list and see if there’s anything below that might bring a smile to the recipients on your gift-giving list.  Read more

bowl of apples sitting on counter

Is Organic Food Better?

bowl of apples sitting on counter
Is organic food really worth the cost?

There’s much debate in the world about whether or not organic food is better for you, and whether or not it’s worth the expense. As someone who’s been experimenting on and off with organic and non-organic food for nearly two decades, I’ve watched documentaries, read books and researched findings on both sides of the aisle: those in favor of organic, and those who say it’s a waste of money.

There are those out there who say that organic eating is a marketing scheme and a complete waste of cash, and those out there who insist we’ll die an early death if we choose to eat primarily non-organic food. Personally, I think that a balance can be found. I think that there is absolutely a place for organic foods in today’s society, and I believe that we are highly (and purposely) uneducated on the dangers of the pesticides and chemical additives in much of today’s food. Read more

Liebster Nomination

liebster-awardMy dear, sweet friend, Kay, from The Barefoot Minimalist, nominated The Frugal Farmer for the Liebster award – isn’t she sweet? Here’s how the Liebster Award works:

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Emotions and Food: How to Deal

Emotions and Food: How to Deal

I don’t often venture on this blog to the subject of emotional issues, but as we talked this week earlier about making better food choices for our bodies I can’t help but feel that I need to address the elephant in the room: emotions and food. For many, food is definitely an emotional subject. It’s easy for me to say “Eat healthier – it’s better for you.”, but when you’re super stressed out and needing a quick fix before you lose it, it’s not so easy to avoid scarfing down a bag of Oreos (my personal choice for emotional bingeing 🙂 ).

I spent years self-medicating with food. Read more