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Discount Gift Cards – An Excellent Way to Save Money

When it comes to discount gift cards, people are often sceptical about why would someone resell their gift cards?! However, the reality is that so many people receive gift cards which they never get an opportunity to use, or they simply use a part of them and realise there is nothing else they require.


So, that’s the reason they resell such gift cards. And considering the fact that no one buys a gift card second-hand unless it’s being offered at a discount, that’s what the people do – they offer a discount on it! Here’s a piece on how some platforms and users cash in on the $1 billion gift card aftermarket. Furthermore, there are plenty of benefits associated with purchase of discount gift cards. Let’s acquaint you with some of them below.


The best benefit of buying a discount gift card is that you get free money! For instance, you can purchase an Amazon gift card worth $ 200 for just $ 160! That is $ 40 absolutely free! It makes total sense to use such deals, especially if you are a regular buyer at that specific store. In addition, there are several options available for almost every popular online store you make your purchases from. These discount gift cards can be emailed to you in physical form (with free shipping!). Or simply in the form of a code which can be used at the time of checkout. Simply put, there’s no point in letting gift cards going to waste, when they can be used by someone else. It’s a win-win situation for both the seller and the buyer of the gift card.


There are several online stores that have restrictions like the use of just one discount offer for every transaction. But in case of a gift card, it’s as good as using cash and hence there are no such limits in terms of how many of them you can use, or which offer you can use them with. For instance, if you buy something that you wanted during an Amazon sale, you will be able to use your $ 200 gift card and get the benefit of discount offer as well. In the end, you’ll be able to save plenty of money.

Sister outlets

Several retail outlets have their sister stores which accept any gift cards issued by the former. For example, ‘Old Navy’ is a sister outlet of ‘Banana Republic’ and ‘Gap’; if you buy a discount gift card of Gap, you’ll be allowed to use it at any of the 3 stores mentioned above. However, make sure to ascertain that the place where you plan to use the gift card is indeed a sister store! For instance, while Janie and Jack and Gymboree are owned by the same organisation, they don’t accept gift cards issued by each other.


Please know, normally there are no time restrictions when it comes to usage of a discount gift card. You can save them for a later time when you might need them the most, for example, during the Christmas shopping season. In the same way, you can also stash such gift cards for graduation gifts, wedding gifts, birthday presents etc.