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How to Afford College When it Really Seems Impossible

It sucks to not know how you’re going to be able to afford to go to college, especially when you’ve put in the hard work, you got the grades and yet there’s this dark cloud hanging over you.

How will you ever be able to afford it?


Well, here are some ideas:


Go To A Local Community College


Community college may not be as glamorous as you’d like or the experience you’d hoped for, but it is still college, and many Companies value a go-getter with a college degree over an Ivy league candidate who is entitled.


The beauty of going to a local college is you can stay at home.


Even if your parents start charging you rent after high school, it will probably still be considerably cheaper than living in a dorm and community college is way cheaper than a private college.


The Trade-Off


You may not get the full college experience of partying every night or living with your friends, but that’s not a massive price to pay if it means you still get to get a degree.


On the flip side, not living the rowdy college life may not be such a bad thing considering you will have more focus and definitely get more sleep.


If you are serious about going to college for the sake of your future, then seriously consider it.

Go To A Cheaper College


Going to a cheaper college could mean moving out of state, possibly to a place where you don’t know anyone and that’s still just fine.


Cheaper colleges can be an option for you, especially if you can get a grant.


Grants don’t have to be repaid, they are government/ state- funded and therefore you can apply all over and move wherever you can get one.


If not, don’t fret we still have tons more advice about affording college yourself.


The Trade-Off


Well, you would have to move wherever you can afford to go to college which might mean moving away from your family and your friends.


You may even have to go somewhere with a completely different climate than your hometown.


Here’s the deal though, you will make friends soon enough and you won’t feel alone anymore and this small sacrifice could change the course of your future.


Study Abroad


As shocking as it may seem, there are some countries in Europe that allow US citizens to study for free (or very, very cheap)


Countries like Germany, Sweden, Norway, France and Slovenia have attractive options for US students.


As long as your level of education prior to college is equivalent to their matriculations, you can apply.


Many of these countries will charge a registration or annual fee to Americans but it’s ridiculously low.


The Trade-Off


Life abroad can offer so many adventures, not to mention how incredible it would be to get to experience living in another country for a few years.


It does have its drawbacks though, life in Europe can be expensive, but that can also be remedied by a part-time job.


It can also be lonely and feel a little isolating to live in another country at first, but the beauty of the experience (and the world-class education) can never be taken away from you.

Join The Military


I’m just going to go ahead and accept right off the bat, that this option isn’t for everyone but at least read it so you can give it some thought.


Depending on the length of your commitment, the military will help you pay for college.


There is also the added benefit of having a massively impressive job to put on your resume.


Most employers won’t hesitate to hire you because you’ve learned to follow orders; you’ve learned how to handle stress and you’ve got some badass life experience.


The Trade-Off


The level that vets are respected and admired should help you understand the full weight of just how much is at stake.


With this option, you are risking life and limb but you will be doing something so noble and brave that college will seem like a breeze to you.


Also, you’ll be a badass for the rest of your life, so there’s that.


Get a Student Loan


If you were hoping for more adventurous options than the ones I already mentioned, then I’m sorry to disappoint you.


Student loans are far from interesting, except in the way that they can sometimes be an obstacle and an aid at the same time.


However, a student loan can be a great option if you truly have no other way to pay for college.


This is also a less out-there option, student loans are a tried and trusted financial aid for college students.


The Trade-Off


Student loans can be pricey and can be super tricky to afford in your career earlier on.


Don’t let that stop you though, life is expensive anyway, you may as well get an education out of it.


Besides, you can always refinance your student loan to make it more affordable for you.


Think of it as a means to an end, the goal is college.

Tuition Fundraiser


This idea is a little bit out of the box, but college fundraising is a legitimate deal.


You can do events for fundraising, like parties or auctions. Or you can do them online and market them on social media.


GoFundme is a crowdfunding platform that you can use to manage your fundraising campaign.


If you’re especially charismatic, make a youtube video and put that in your marketing strategy.


You would be surprised how well this can work.


The Trade-Off


It’s not exactly a traditional method of raising funds, but hey, it’s a brave new world.


If you’re wondering if it will hold any interest to anyone remember that there are people that spend their days watching prank videos on Youtube, so the answer is yes, it can work.


You really don’t have much to lose regardless of what options you chose for college, every little bit helps!