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Brilliant Gift Ideas For Your Kids

They say it’s expensive to have kids.

Well, this statement is quite true. From childbirth to newborn necessities and all the medical bills associated with childbirth, you need to be financially prepared.

The expenses don’t stop during childbirth. You have to work hard to provide them with all their needs and give them a comfortable life. No wonder some people prefer to raise dogs than humans instead.

Having and raising a child does not have to be hurtful to your pocket all the time though. You can be a wise and frugal parent yet still give them what they need. When it comes to gift-giving, you don’t need to buy them the most expensive toys or the most updated gadgets. Kids would love anything that makes them feel loved and cherished.

Below are some of the inexpensive gift ideas that your child would surely love – and of course your pocket would also feel the same way too.



Gifts do not necessarily have to be toys.

Most kids value experiences over material things. One of the best yet pocket-friendly gift ideas is a membership to their favorite place.

If your kid loves going to the museum, give him a one-year membership card of your local museum. This enables him to go there whenever he wants to submerge himself with culture and social learning. There are even memberships that are good for the entire family. It’s a true value for your money. You’d be able to make your kid happy, plus you can have a quality bonding time with the whole gang.

Family Vacation

If you think that family vacation can leave you bankrupt, think again.

You don’t really need to book a Caribbean cruise or tour Europe just to have an unforgettable family vacation.

An out-of-town trip is a refreshing way to relax and bond. You can even go to the nearest park and have your own little picnic. You can call it a family vacation as long as you are together as a family.

Rather than giving them toys, your kids would appreciate it even more if you organize a family trip. So start organizing that family vacation and create a memorable experience with your family.


Another excellent gift that you can lavish your kids is books.

Cultivate in your kids the love of knowledge and learning as early as they can. Reading is surely an effective way of widening their eyes to the limitless world that they live in. Though there are lots of ebooks around, nothing would still beat the feeling of reading in traditional books.

Give your kids a book about anything that they are interested in. If they are fascinated about animals, they would surely think that you’re the best parent in the world if you give them The Encyclopedia of Animals.

Create A Space Just For Your Child

Does your child love to draw and color? Perhaps he’s fond of reading?

Your child would really be excited if you create a special space in your home where he can do what he loves. It does not have to be an entire room or a large area. A child-sized table where he can do his artworks is a perfect gift. You can also set up a small tent with a cushion that will serve as a reading nook for your bookworm.

Giving them this special space is not only an act of gift-giving; it also encourages your child to pursue and develop his interests.

Art Supplies

When it comes to art materials, the general rule of thumb is “you get what you pay for”. Your little artist would certainly love it if you give him the best quality art supplies. Make sure that you’re giving materials that are safe and appropriate for their age.

It’s okay if your budget is limited. You can opt for a small set of good quality materials instead. You can never go wrong with Crayola products. For small children, you can give them good quality triangular-grip pencils. If you have primary age kid, a Faber-Castell’s tin of Watercolor pencils is a perfect gift idea. Avoid giving markers and pens to the little ones.

Quality Inexpensive Toys

Let’s admit it, toys are heavenly for children. The beam in their eyes and wide smile every time they have new toys is contagious.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on toys though. There are a lot of inexpensive toys that are of good quality. Below are some of the awesome toys that are within your budget:

  • Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Candy Jar Set – this colorful Play-Doh candy jar set allows your kid to create different candies using the molds.
  • LEGO Elves: The Water Dragon Adventure – If you have a kid who loves Lego and dragon, then this gift hits two birds with one stone. The set includes over 200 pieces for only $13.
  • Shopkins – Your little girl would surely adore these whimsical little figurines. You can even throw a birthday party with shopkins party supplies. Any kids would instantly fall in love with these yummy characters.

It pays to be a wise and creative parent. The next time you decide to spoil them with gifts, consider these brilliant gift ideas.