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Tips For Practicing Prepping And Survival On A Budget

With the current shape of the economy and nuclear war hanging over your head it is an extremely good ideal for anyone to learn how to prep and survive. With that being said, the whole process is not easy, as you will have to build a shelter, buy supplies, and stock it with all the essential amenities. Are you on a limited budget, or are you finding that prepping is completely draining your savings fund? Well, you are not alone as many survivalists face the same situation every day. The most important thing is to know where and how you should spend your funds. Below, you will learn some tips and tricks that will help you prep and prepare your doomsday shelter on a budget.

Learn To Pay Yourself First

While prepping and survival is your number one goal, you should never drain your entire savings account to achieve your goal. It is imperative to always have an emergency fund for unexpected situations. Instead, you need to learn to be more efficient with your income. This will not be an easy process, so you want to start out small. When your next check arrives if you can pay yourself 10% before you pay your bills, you will truly come out ahead in the long run. If this seems like too much don’t be afraid to start out with 5%. Just simply place the next 5 to 10% of your paycheck in a jar before you pay any of your bills and stow it away for your doomsday shelter.

Make Yourself Shop With Cash

It doesn’t matter if you are a probation violations defense attorney or you are a blue-collar worker, it can be truly so much more convenient to pay with credit cards and debit cards. Unfortunately, these payment methods usually lead to overspending. If you are on a tight budget you trying to save money, you might be surprised to learn that you can save anywhere from 18 to 20% by just shopping with cash. In addition to this, when you physically see that money disappear from your wallet or purse it really makes you want to hang on to it longer.

Know When To Buy Name Brand And Discounted Items

When it comes to prepping and survival there are some items that are just essential. With that being said, those items might not need to be top of the line. It is entirely possible that you can get by with an off-brand tent or an off-brand flashlight. However, there are some items that you truly don’t want to skimp on like water filters and canned goods.

Home Canning

Housewives, gardeners and farmers have utilized home canning for many generations as a way to preserve fruits, vegetables and meats. This process was specially designed to help people store their foods safely for longer periods of time. Some home-canned foods can last up to one year or longer. If you grow vegetables and fruits, which can definitely reduce your grocery bill, consider utilizing the home canning process to store them.

Use Coupons For Supplies

When it comes down to it, the modern survivalist needs access to tons of supplies. They need food, batteries, water and other items. These things can be incredibly expensive. One of the best ways to offset the costs is by using coupons. Coupons are totally free and they can help you save a little extra money on each and every item you purchase. Then, the money can be put to good use ensuring you and your family is able to survive an emergency.