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Ways to Finance Your Prepper Lifestyle

Being prepared if disaster strikes is about more than just having a few candles, batteries, and canned goods in the basement; it’s a lifestyle. It requires the continual understanding of current events and how it impacts your way of living. Being a prepper means you’re constantly investing in things that will help both you and your loved ones to survive in the event the worst-case scenario happens. The lifestyle can get costly, especially since you still must maintain your existing financial obligations. If cost has kept you from prepping, these tips should help you get the cash you need to prepare.

Get Rid of What You Don’t Want

Selling items that you no longer have a use for have become extremely easy thanks to modern technology. If you’re not the yard sale type, you can still make a decent profit on items you have lying around the house. There are online classifieds in which you can advertise things for sale and review online inquiries from interested buyers. There are also e-commerce platforms like eBay where you can sell unwanted items online to the highest bidder. Lastly, you can snap a few photos and sell your things through apps like OfferUp and Decluttr.

While everything has some value to someone else, some of the more popular items to sell online include television sets, computers, mobile devices, clothing, and furniture. You can turn a profit and use the money to purchase things you’ll need to weather a storm, natural disaster, or nuclear war.

Borrow the Money

If you want to fast track your prepper lifestyle then you’re going to need a large sum of cash upfront. This chunk of change can be used to build a stockpile of items you’ll need to survive. If you don’t have the funds in a savings account somewhere, you could consider your option to borrow the money. You can apply for installment loans online fast and receive funds in your account within 24 hours. This short-term loan could be as much as $1200 and could really provide you the startup money you need.

Fortunately, online installment loans don’t require collateral or a high paying job. All you need is to be of legal age, have proof of income, and a good standing checking or savings account for deposit. The payments are then broken down into smaller amounts over several weeks or months to give you time to repay.

Pick Up a Side Hustle

Though you may not have enough time to commit to a full business, you can earn some extra money by starting a side hustle. A side hustle is essentially something you do on the side to bring in more money. It can be something that you’re passionate about or it can simply be something you’re skilled in.

Determine how much you’ll need to start investing in your prepper lifestyle, then determine which side gigs will help you to generate the income you need. There are a lot of lucrative ideas including affiliate marketing, blogging, app development, baking, babysitting, catering, cleaning services, lawn care services, and more. Just find something you’re good at or passionate about and set the ball in motion.

Cut Back and Budget

More often than not, the money you need to start preparing your home and family is already in your possession. However, you’ve adapted to spending your money on so many other things, that you don’t realize it. If you want to find a way to fund your prepper lifestyle without having to borrow the funds or take on a side hustle, you’re going to need to dig deep into your personal finances.

Start by reviewing your spending. Are there things you can reduce or eliminate? Some common areas of overspending include entertainment and food. Try finding affordable alternatives such as renting movies instead of going to the theater or buying generic food brands instead of store brands. The more fat you’re able to trim off your budget, the more money you can find to use for prepping.

If you’re going to start building your stockpile and preparing for whatever the universe may throw your way, it is going to require some cash. If you currently don’t have the extra funds, you’ll need to properly prepare for worst-case scenarios; there are solutions to getting the money you need. Determine which of the above-mentioned options is best for you and begin with a game plan for how you’ll succeed at accumulating cash.


  1. Kathy says:

    If borrowing money to finance a stockpile of food, weapons and ammo, or anything else you decide is necessary, be sure to repay any loans as quickly as possible. If the unthinkable happens, you certainly don’t want anyone else to have a legitimate claim on any of your assets. It will be difficult enough to fend off those who think you should share with them without still owing others.

  2. Erik says:

    Selling your junk is something that I’m going to look to do in 2018. I don’t want to have anything unnecessary in my house.

    Thanks for sharing Susan

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