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It’s summertime and it’s finally time to party. Before entertaining, consider these backyard upgrades to make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.

Start Your Summer Off with a Bang with These Backyard Upgrades

Summertime is the time where we can have fun, enjoy the weather, and start entertaining loved ones outdoors. However, if your backyard looks more like an abandoned lot rather than a place to entertain, you might want to consider tackling these backyard upgrades. 

These backyard upgrades will turn your hum-drum backyard into your own summer getaway that everyone in the neighborhood will envy. Or at the very least the upgrades will make backyard barbecues more enjoyable for everyone!

Swimming pools

When we think of at-home summer entertaining, a swimming pool is probably the most coveted feature homeowners are considering. A swimming pool has always been a popular item – especially for homeowners that aren’t near a beach. Since the pandemic caused public beaches and pools to remain closed for the summer last year, there was a 200% increase in pool installations in just two months between May and June. 

In-ground swimming pools are in higher demand, but even an above ground pool can add value to your property should you ever decide to sell


One of the best things about the summer is that the sun stays up later in the day, meaning the fun doesn’t stop until 8 or 9 p.m. However, when you have plenty of outdoor lighting, the party doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down. 

Homeowners that invest in lighting improvements aren’t just switching out the light fixture by the backdoor. They’re adding lighting along pathways, around the patio, and even adding spotlights to highlight notable features in the yard, like a water feature, gardens or a play set. 

Built-in grills

Your parents may have had a charcoal grill when you were growing up, but those days are gone! As a homeowner that wants to entertain guests and throw memorable backyard barbecues, you’re going to want to upgrade your grilling area. A simple way you can do this is by building a built-in grill with counter space to do prep work. But if you’re looking to go big, you can go all out and build an outdoor kitchen with a sink, storage, and mini-fridge. You can also add other features like a wet bar and a snack station.

Outdoor living space

You’ve installed a pool. You’ve upgraded your lighting situation. You’ve even created an outdoor grilling area. Now you’re going to want to look at the living space. Naturally, you’ll want to have a dining area so your guests can chow down on the delicious food you’ve made, but you’ll also want to create a space where your guests can relax and chat with one another. 

An outdoor living space can be as simple as putting a few chairs around a firepit or it can be as elaborate as converting your patio space into an extension of your living room, complete with comfortable patio furniture, outdoor accessories and carpet, and maybe even a water feature. 

Yard space

Entertaining in the summer isn’t just about swimming or eating food. It’s about playing fun games and even getting some exercise. Homeowners work hard to keep their lawns soft and green (who doesn’t love walking on soft grass without their shoes on?). They also take the time to make sure the trees are trimmed, there’s space for games or running around. Some homeowners will even carve out a space just for their kid’s playset or a sandbox. 

Up until now, you may not have given your backyard a second thought, but now that social distancing guidelines are relaxing and people are having folks over more… It’s a great time to roll up your sleeves and do a

. If you’re thinking about selling, you can get a home appraisal to find out how much value these upgrades have added to your property. If done right, you may be able to increase your asking price. Sweet!