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Upgrades that are worth the investment.

Four Upgrades To Your Backyard That Are Worth the Investment

With our homes being our havens and the place we want to feel safe and secure, it’s also essential that we feel at peace there. There are easy ways to renovate your home, many of which can be done yourself to save money that turns your home into the oasis you need it to be. Just as important as the interior of your home in your backyard. If you’re like many people, you are hosting friends and family during the summer where you make many of your favorite memories. Let’s take a look at some easy upgrades to your backyard, many of which are DIY friendly and cost-effective too. 

Growing Your Green Thumb 


When it comes to saving money and homesteading, being able to grow your food is a given. Additionally, your garden can provide you with more than just bountiful fruits and vegetables. A simple upgrade to your backyard gardens like a rock wall or rock fountain can transform the entire experience while you’re sowing, pruning, or harvesting. You can also add some plants that are native to your area, some perennials, and ferns. If you’re already growing food for your family, you likely have an herb garden, but if you don’t — now’s the time to add it in. Not only are most herbs beautiful and full plants, but they make preparing delicious meals incredibly easy. Just make sure you study up on the herbs you’re planting, as some like rosemary can become invasive and grow out of control quickly if you’re not paying attention!


Cooking Outside 


Whether you’ve dreamed of firing up your brick oven or installing a complete kitchen in your backyard, having options beyond your standard grill not only feels great but also makes a significant resale value. Searching online for the best outdoor kitchens can give you a good idea of the direction you’d like to go in, and then you can make a plan. If this seems like something you won’t be able to DIY on your own, you could ask friends or consider hiring a contractor. Outdoor kitchens have many moving pieces, so you want to ensure gas lines or electricity are installed correctly. Pick and choose the areas where you’ll save money and invest in the areas where a professional should handle the install. One thing is for sure, and you’ll make a lot of memories in your outdoor kitchen and dining area and be the envy of your friends without them!


Healing Saunas 


You’ve probably heard a ton about the health benefits of using a sauna. Once something only available in health spas and resorts, saunas have come full circle to be somewhat mainstream. Still, they’re not common when you’re visiting someone’s home. They’re worth the investment and an easy project you accomplish on your own. Saunas are excellent for clearing out your body as far as toxins go. They also help with inflammation in the body. Another, and arguably one of the most significant benefits of saunas, is the deep relaxation that comes from using them. So, watch some Youtube videos on how to build your sauna and get going. You won’t regret it.


Gain Some Privacy 


Most people have a fence, or no one does, depending on where you live. In Texas, for example, fences abound! In Virginia, not as much. One thing is for sure, though. The old saying “fences make great neighbors” is true. Give you and your family some privacy by installing a fence around your property. Not only does it give you privacy, but it can also act as a small layer of protection. Fences also come with the benefit of letting pets outdoors unsupervised, and you can take your eyes off your children maybe a couple of seconds longer than you usually would. Fences have come a long way from the white picket, and you can quickly complete this project on your own to save some serious money.


Upgrading your property always has benefits, and if you plan on staying there forever, the benefit is yours to enjoy. Suppose you can see yourself selling in the future, most upgrades at some form of resale value to your home. If you’ve wanted to do something to spruce up your backyard, let this list be a starting point for ideas you’d like to execute. Happy building!