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Navy Bean Soup

Here’s another cheap and easy recipe that’ll fill your tummy good on a cool winter’s night.  My dad showed me how to make a good, hearty and tasty soup using just a few basic ingredients.

DSCN2306Navy Bean Soup

1 16 oz. package navy beans $1.39

1 onion chopped fine 20 cents (free if you use garden veggies)

3 large carrots, chopped fine  60 cents  (free if you use garden veggies)

2 large celery stalks, chopped fine 40 cents

salt as desired

1 t pepper 16 cents

Total cost $2.75

Prepare beans as directed by soaking and then cooking as directed.  About halfway through the cooking process, add your veggies and spices and cook for another hour or hour and a half.  Add water as necessary for desired consistency and to increase amount of soup.

**Want to spice it up?  Add chopped ham.