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Healthy Hearty Pancakes

Although traditional pancakes are fun once in a while, we try and stay away from serving them on a regular basis due to a lack of nutritional value.  This pancake recipe is different and delicious, a terrific energy building breakfast that’s packed with Omega 3′s.   Hearty Pancakes RecipePhoto credit: Becky Luigart Stayner, courtesy of Cooking Light. 

Healthy Hearty Pancakes

2 c. whole wheat flour             30 cents                

1/2 tsp. salt                                   ** negligible

1/2 c. all purpose flour       6 cents                     

1 c. skim milk                      22 cents

2/3 c. uncooked Cream of Wheat       34 cents 

1/2 c. applesauce                              20 cents

2 tsp. baking soda                                      10 cents

2 eggs, slightly beaten                               26 cents

2 tsp. baking powder                            10 cents

1 c. raisins                                          $1.08

1 c. walnuts, chopped somewhat fine   $1.24

Total cost to feed our family of 6:  $3.90

Preheat electric griddle to 350 degrees and coat with oil or butter.  In large bowl, combine flours, Cream of Wheat, baking soda, baking powder and salt.  In separate bowl, combine milk, applesauce and egg, and blend well.  Add to flour mixture and blend well.  Let stand for 5 minutes (I often add a touch more milk or water after this if the batter gets too thick).  Pour batter in 1/3 c. increments onto skillet, and sprinkle with a few raisins and nuts.  Cook until tops are covered with bubbles, then flip.  Cook again until bottom is golden.

Serve buttered if desired, and top with sliced fresh fruit,  pure organic maple syrup or all natural fruit preserves.

*Vanilla soy milk can be used in place of skim milk.



  1. michelle says:

    If you add Chai seed to the mix, you can boost the protein, fiber and add valuable anti-oxidants and Omega 3’s. Chai has little taste if any, so is perfect for a batter like this.

    Also, suggestions to boost nutritional value would be: Add 1/4 c pumpkin and some pumpkin pie spices to match, banana puree along with a little almond and vanilla extract and some slice almonds, or a good dollop or two of greek yogurt to make a ‘sour cream’ version.

    Coconut milk is a good healthy dairy replacement and doesnt have the estrogen that soy contains. I have concerns about soy + young children and their maturation process.

    Another tip is to take frozen berries (that hopefully you picked up at a bargain price over the summer) and stew them WITH your syrup. It stretches the syrup (which is expensive) and adds fiber and vitamin C to your topping. You can bump up the flavor with cinnamon, clove, cardamon, nutmeg, citrus zest or even dried fruits.

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