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Creamy Mac & Cheese

This $3 meal is a family staple at our house because it’s got plenty of protein and it’s great comfort food.  You’ll find it on our Meal Calendar at least 4 times a month.  As usual, this size of a meal will feed our family of 6.


Creamy Mac & Cheese

1 16oz. box of macaroni noodles or small shells – $1

6 slices Kraft singles – 75 cents

1 oz. block cheddar cheese from Sam’s Club, shredded – 22 cents

4 T. real butter – 31 cents

3 T. Parmesan cheese – 33 cents

8oz skim milk – 22 cents

1/2 t. ground black pepper – 8 cents

TOTAL: $2.91

Prepare macaroni as directed.  Drain, add all other ingredients and mix thoroughly until cheese is melted.  Feel free to add more cheddar cheese if you want it more creamy. 

Want to spice it up?  Serve with your favorite veggies (use garden veggies for free if you’re on a tight budget) or a nice garden salad.