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Is Beacon Resources Local Or National?

‘Where is Beacon Resources located’ is a common question asked by many job seekers in the financial industry. The recruitment agency caters to both Fortune 1000 and smaller-growth companies to match candidates with the positions that allow them to grow and thrive. The company is considered one of the best finance recruitment agencies in Orange County, California, and is based in Los Angeles. However things are changing at a rapid pace.

Placing Local Talent

Beacon Resources places talent locally by focusing on its Northern and Southern California markets, specifically the Greater Los Angeles Area, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Orange County. The Golden State remains a mecca for those in the tech and financial industries, thanks to the success of companies in the Silicon Valley and the surrounding area. Many come to California to start or continue their careers in the financial industry, and find the help they need through the Los Angeles recruitment firm.

The National Scale

The Los Angeles financial headhunters are expanding their reach to include the national market. They work with their partner firms within The DLC Group and utilize a “highly-collaborative approach” to offer exceptional services on a national level. The recruiters are currently focusing on their designated national markets to provide clients with the best talent that matches their current needs.

Experience The Beacon Resources Difference

Working with the recruiters at Beacon Resources, whether as a candidate or a client, provides access to the extensive network and wealth of resources the agency provides. The continual goal is to go above the typical placement process to provide employers and potential employees with the results they want. Positions are filled quickly and correctly via superior adherence to precision placement.

Find the position or candidate you desire locally or learn more about this recruitment agency’s national efforts.