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How Many DBA Names Can Someone Register?

A DBA (Doing Business As) is a company that does business under a different name, for example Coca Cola & Coca Cola Bottling Company. DBA is also called a fictitious name or trade name and is a required registration process for business owners that wish to do business as any other name that differs from their legal name. To become a DBA a business must apply. DBA application filing is a process overseen by DBA laws and local government form state to state, and protects the public from nefarious businesses owners.

In theory, it makes sense for one business to register a single DBA to protect themselves from competitors.  However, there are circumstances under which a business may be necessary to file multiple DBAs for the benefit of the business.

Filing for a Single DBA

Sole proprietor companies and general partnerships are required to file a DBA for their business if the individual(s) wants to conduct business under a fictitious business name, also called a DBA. This helps to establish a company name for a Sole proprietor that the government will recognize as the business name.

Under these circumstances, only one DBA application is required. Each state’s county clerk’s office, state department, and or similar agency manages the application process. Know what your state requires to ensure your DBA is legitimate and safe to work as. Working with a company like GovDocFiling will help to make sure you DBA gets filed correctly.

Filing for Multiple DBA

When filing for multiple DBAs, it can be advantages for limited liability companies (LLC) or corporations to help their branding. This can help a company or business segment markets by operating different segments under different names. This will work greater branding control of companies in different cities or states. For example, geography and culture segmentation may help a company define their market for branding purposes.

Another reason a LLC may have multiple DBAs is that they wish to have a particular branch, or department, operate under different names for various reasons. This may include making payments in the name of that department specifically, or represent organizational benefits to finical assets.

How to File for a DBA

Filing for a DBA can be a simple or difficult task, depending on how you approach the process. There are 3 ways you can apply for a DBA; by mail, by phone, or online.  Apply for a DBA by mail can be a timely process. You first have to print out the application, fill out the application and mail in the application, usually with a check and other business documentation. It may take 3 to 6 weeks to hear back from the Government and if there are any errors in the application the Government can deny your application and you have to start all over. Apply by phone can also be time-consuming. Usually, you have to call between certain business hours and you usually have to wait on hold for some time. When you call you to need to be sure you have all your business information and documentation ready and usually a credit card on hand to make the application payment. Applying online can sometimes be the easiest way. Companies like GovDocFiling will help you with the application process. All you need to do is to fill out a few forms online and GovDocFiling will handle the rest.

For most people looking to start a business filing for a single DBA will help launch your company and create a brand name people will recognize.