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The Countdown Begins

So, we’re 27 days out from beginning the countdown to our Depression-era lifestyle in order to learn how to: be more self-sufficient, live on less, and reduce our debtload during 2013.  As I prayed about this yesterday, I felt again strongly in my spirit that this is indeed the Lord’s plan for us.

And I have to say, I’ve gone through the gamut of emotions.  2 weeks ago, I was angry.  Angry at myself that we weren’t debt free years ago, angry that we haven’t had more income, angry at the way our choices have affected our children.  And angry because now we’re in a situation where it’s going to take extreme actions to get out of the hole.  Beyond gazelle intensity.

Last week, it was different.  I’d moved on to acceptance, and a bit of depression.  As I sat one day, making our dinner of rice and broccoli hotdish, I came to the realization that, come January 1st, this dinner is going to be considered a feast – one that we may not have for quite some time.

Today, I’m simply driven.  As I look at the world around us, I see it going more and more down the tubes, into a direction that most of us don’t want it to go.  And I, for one, don’t want our family to be in shock if and when the day comes that the crap really does hit the fan big time in America.

I know you don’t want to be in a situation either where you can’t take care of your family should big time troubles hit.  So, I hope you’ll join us on our frugal journey.