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The Benefits Of Minimalism From Health To Finances and More

For over a decade now, the concept of living a more minimalist lifestyle has been at the forefront of many people’s minds. The world is much more fast-paced now than it ever has been throughout human history, and sometimes this can leave people feeling stressed out and leave their bank accounts drained? How’s that, you may ask? Well, the overstimulation of such a fast-paced environment can give us too much to think and stress over; and the constant advertisements and pressures we feel through things like social media lead us down a dangerous path of overspending and living outside our means. 

So the same way, it’s essential to have health hacks to keep costs low in our lives and live more frugally; it’s just as important to have lifestyle hacks to keep costs to not just our bank accounts but our health low as well. One path towards that goal is minimalism. 

Intentional Living Is Financially Rewarding 

One way that minimalism is beneficial is that it causes you to live intentionally. Do we really need more than one television? For that television, do we really need cable or multiple streaming services? Every decision you make as a minimalist is one made with intention. So you can do what you want, intentional living, living simply, it doesn’t matter – the end result is less consumption which leads to frugality and more money for emergencies or things that matter most. Quite simply, the quickest tangible benefit of living intentionally is also one of its most significant rewards – financial freedom. 

Living Simply Eases Stress 

Stress is a known cause for many health issues, called by many as the “silent killer.” Stress’ effect on our overall health is well known and well documented. When you’re living a life of more intention, and minimally, you naturally have less stress. Sure, you’ll still need to reach for CBD tablets every now and then, as life has a natural ebb and flow of curveballs it throws at us; but overall, life is more manageable. 

For example, say you’re a parent, raising children is a lot of hard work and can be challenging more often than not. Of course, the reward and love between you and your child make these times worth it – but what if at the end of the day of work and child-rearing, you had fewer toys to clean up, fewer loose ends to tie up, and more time to focus on your own health and happiness. Stress reduced, plain and simple. Even if you don’t have children, living in a home with fewer possessions means more time to enjoy your home and appreciate it for the safety and comfort it provides you, as opposed to a to-do list a mile long of things you need to clean, repair, etc.

Your Decisions Trickle Down To Everyday Habits 

As you set out on a more intentional and simple living mission, your decisions trickle down into every aspect of your life. One area that will likely be affected is in how you consume. Of course, this entails what you’re purchasing as far as clothing, entertainment, and home items. But, it also goes further – how much television and social media do you consume, do they negatively or positively (mindfully) impact your health. As you grow accustomed to this way of life, you can’t help but reap health benefits. 

Another aspect of health benefits it will trickle to is your consumption of food. You may be on cloud nine from the money you’re saving; you’re inspired to start growing your own food or at least let less food go to waste in your home. You’ll likely begin to eat healthier, maybe even plant-based, as you see that you feel better, and it aligns more with your way of living intentionally. 

These are just a few of the benefits of a life of more intention can help you achieve, but you’ll see so many more beyond the financial freedom and health aspects as you continue on your journey. If it seems like something you’d never be able to accomplish, take small steps every day to live a more simple, mindful life and blossom from there. Here’s to your health and freedom!