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Retirement Income Hits a Record High in 2018

If you have been planning and saving for your retirement, but you are still lost about it, this is the article that is really going to interest you. Retirement plans are always going to hit you at some point of time, but if you do not how to take the right steps towards it, then it might hit you hard.

It might astonish you to see the amount of income that has been generated by retirements in the year of 2018. This article will educate you about the high retirement incomes of 2018 and will also stress on the best practices for retirement planning.

What Current Market Surveys State:

Statistics say that 2018 was the year which has seen the highest number of big pension payouts since a very long time. Expected retirement incomes have risen consistently over the since, especially after 2013.

There has also been a serious hike in the income of the senior age group which has allowed them to have more savings than ever. Things are looking pretty good.

Despite the fact that there is a lot of hike in the pension amounts, surveys state that only 46 percent of the total population that was about to retire is ready to take up their retirement plans this year in 2018.

It was also stated that about 50 percent of people seem to believe that they would be able to have a comfortable retirement given their current salaries. And lastly 27 percent of the group stated they were not going to be in a position even in the near future to be financially stable enough to retire.

Measures to Be Taken Before You Take the Dive:

Plan Ahead of Time

Never let time get ahead of you, although it does get to all of us eventually. Pension plans are not a one-day streak but rather a lifelong one. If you want to retire at a certain age, it is crucial that you have your pension plans in place long before you take the shot. By doing so, you will not only minimize risk financially, but you will also not have to be losing sleep over what needs to be done when your age hits that golden number.

Making the Right Investments in the Right Places


If you are planning ahead, it’s great. What is even better though is if you could invest in the pension plans which bring you the most amount of revenue. If you have received a salary hike by 12 to 15 percent, you should also consider increasing your investments in appropriate places. If you are already enrolled in a pension plan which you believe is going to serve you very well, then perhaps it is time to talk to your financial advisor and see if you can move those numbers up by pouring in some more cash. It would only benefit you in the long course of life.

The Dangers of Job Hopping

Switching jobs very randomly might cause you trouble. If you are a job hopper, you might want to take notes here. Job hopping might seem quite gratifying and even the best strategy at times. However, it may not be the right way to do things, if you have decided to plan for the future well in advance.

When you switch jobs at the drop of a hat, you lose trust and connections. And by not staying at an organization long enough, you might miss out on the pension plans that your firm might be offering you. This may not seem to hit you hard immediately, but it certainly might have its consequences over time.

Time to Get a Bigger Piggy Bank

Yes, the cliché of all financial plannings – Save and you will have more. Well, although cliché but it is what it is. You must take into consideration saving at least a certain amount of the money that you are drawing as your salary. Calculations do not lie, and compound interest does work. Those few extra thousand rupees could help you pay off a long outstanding loan or even pay off a monthly pension plan’s premium. Hence, save up.

Plan for Contingencies

Not the most positive way to end the list, but it is certainly worth mentioning it. A lot of people have made mistakes over the years to not have planned ahead for contingencies. Therefore they have decided to settle for pension plans that do not cover such unfortunate and unforeseen events, and have suffered.

When you are choosing a plan for yourself, it is important to research that plan well and see if they are covering the contingencies well enough. If not, time to move on to the next brochure.

Retirement plans can get complicated, but they do not have to be. If you are not sure about the kind of financial planning you should be doing definitely get professional help. But by all means, make the right decisions, because they along with your strong pension plans will serve as the building blocks for your peaceful retirement life.