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Converting Your Passion Into Profit: How to Make Money as an Infopreneur

In the not-so-distant past, making money solely from generating and sharing information was considered a pipe dream. Today, savvy people are doing it all the time, and so can you. We live in the Information Age, so why not take advantage of it by making money with your own info and expertise? It can be done, and it’s not as hard or as expensive as you might think.  Read on to learn about how you can make money as an infopreneur by sharing your thoughts and ideas with people who want to learn what you know.

What is an Infopreneur?

As you probably already figured out, the word infopreneur is a mash-up of the words “entrepreneur” and “information.” Simply put, infopreneurs are experts on a topic working for themselves and selling informative offerings about their niche. For example, let’s say you know someone who is a crackerjack at marketing for accounting firms. For a price, he or she may provide how-to guides, tips, and info-based materials about marketing in this industry.

In this scenario, you might ask yourself, “what’s the difference between an infopreneur and any other entrepreneur?” The distinctions are subtle, but the main variation is that an infopreneur provides and sells information in a specific niche. Furthermore, an infopreneur does not (usually) sell physical products.  Instead, they turn their skill set into a sustainable business by selling various digital offerings via the internet.

How the Infopreneur Model Works

The beauty of information entrepreneurship is that it converts your experience about a subject into a thriving enterprise. The more specialized your area of expertise is, the better.  Why? Because a narrow niche means less competition. Hypothetically, let’s say you know everything under the sun about hamsters. Chances are other people in the world love hamsters too, but not everybody knows as much about these furry creatures as you do. Therefore, you’re keenly positioned to be a master of this subject, and people will seek you out while paying for your specialized knowledge.

How to Make Money as an Infopreneur

As with any business, making money as an infopreneur doesn’t happen overnight, but it can be a reality. Firstly, start a blog writing about everything related to what you know about your genre. Over time, word-of-mouth spreads, and your blog becomes an authority in your niche. This results in a growing online audience that trusts you and respects what you have to say. After you’ve established yourself as the go-to guru on the subject, the next step is charging for your distinctive brand of wisdom. You can do this in many ways. Here are a few ideas about how to make money online as an infopreneur.

  • Offer an ebook
  • Provide consulting services
  • Sell how-to guides as PDFs
  • Give tutorials and explanatory video classes
  • Offer a subscription service for exclusive information and content

The Benefits of Being an Infopreneur

The obvious attraction to being an infopreneur is the chance to be one’s own boss. The idea of owning a business is the object of millions of people’s dreams. In fact, approximately 582 million entrepreneurs in the world today are working to make that dream a reality, and that statistic keeps growing every year. So, what precisely are the pros to becoming an infopreneur? Here are a few top advantages unique to this enterprise.

Share Your Passion

If you are an enthusiast about a particular subject, then info-based entrepreneurship is an ideal prospect for you. It allows you to spend time writing, talking, and sharing about something you love.  Sharing your perspectives about something you’re passionate about also keeps you motivated. So even if the chips are down, you’re still involved with a topic in which you’re avidly interested.

Minimal Investment

Unlike many other business ventures, an info-centric business requires very little startup capital. Because all your offerings are digital, there are no hard goods, inventory or materials required to make a sale. Furthermore, an infopreneur is a solo act, so there are no expenses associated with hiring employees. Your main initial expenses are costs involved to establish a website about your field of mastery.

Scalability and Passive Income

Most traditional businesses need to keep up the momentum in order to increase income and stay ahead. With an infopreneur business, your biggest effort will be in starting your blog and creating digital content for sale. Once this is done, you can opt to sit back and enjoy repeated online sales. Or, you can expand your niche by offering more and more digital products, thus increasing your income potential.  The choice is yours. Either way, once your ebook, how-to guide, or other digital products are created and placed on your sales page, you’ve got money in the bank. That’s income you’re not chasing after, which is the very definition of passive income.

Help Others

As an authority in your niche, people are seeking your specialized perspective. This puts you in an admirable position to help people with their questions and provide solutions with your exclusive knowledge. Assisting others with a subject you love is one of the most rewarding aspects of being an infopreneur.

To summarize, let’s reiterate and acknowledge that starting any business isn’t easy. However, launching an infopreneur business poses a lot of lucrative possibilities. The advantage of making money as an infopreneur is that your wheelhouse is your goldmine. You already know your subject inside and out.  So ideally, making money as an infopreneur can be as straightforward as generating and selling information about what you love in your area of expertise. So go for it! With nominal up-front cost and the power of your passion, there’s no telling how your voice could impact audiences begging to learn from you today!