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7 Ways to Turn Your Passions into Profit

Everybody has an activity that they enjoy doing during their free time. What if somebody told you that you could make your hobby pay?

The internet’s popularity is at its record high. With a little creativity, you could use the web as a platform to monetize your hobbies. This extra income could come in handy in helping you achieve your financial goals.

Below are some of the passions you can use to generate additional income.


If you love writing, you can transform this passion into income by selling your expertise on online freelancing platforms or creating posts for niche websites.  Alternatively, you can create a personal blog that focuses on a topic of your choosing.

With time, a blog can grow into an online business. You only have to make sure that your content is appealing to the targeted audience.

Video Gaming

Gaming is yet another hobby that can be turned into a profitable venture. The easiest way to make money through video games is by streaming gameplay on platforms such as Twitch. Although the earnings are dependent on the number of viewers in your channel, it is a simple way of making passive income.

If you’re confident of your gaming prowess, you can join online competitions. Esports are becoming more popular by the day and there are millions worth of prizes available to online gamers.

Additionally, gamers can also make money from reviewing popular titles. For shorter reviews, YouTube videos are the best. However, if you like long-form reviews, you can create a gaming blog or forum.


The internet is the ideal platform to showcase your sense of humor. The best thing about is that you have several ways of presenting humorous content – videos, audio clips, text, memes, and so forth. Likewise, social media websites such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook provide you with a ready audience.


Nowadays, companies use social media as platforms to market their products and services. This new approach has intensified the demand for high-quality photos to be used with the advertisements. For people with a passion for taking photos, this demand presents an opportunity to monetize their skill.

There are several online marketplaces for stock photos. Usually, photographers post their work and wait for businesses to purchase them. Images that feature human beings are obviously the best-sellers, followed by those covering modern technology, travel destinations, scenic sites, and food recipes.


Eating is a survival mechanism, making cooking an almost invaluable skill. If you possess excellent culinary skills, you can make substantial money by sharing your knowledge online.

There are multiple platforms which you can use to demonstrate your cooking skills, including blogs, YouTube, and Instagram. Alternatively, you can publish an eBook with exclusive recipes and sell it online.

Art (Drawing and Graphic Design)

Are you talented in drawing? If your works stand out, you are guaranteed of finding a ready market on the internet. This applies to all artwork, regardless of whether it was intended for business or personal purposes.

In addition to the internet, you can sell your artwork physically through portraits, canvases, posters, and t-shirts and so on.


Shopaholics can significantly cut down their expenses by monetizing this hobby. You can easily do this by reviewing, rating, and issuing opinions on every product you buy from your favourite outlet. You must initially establish a following using services such as Foursquare and Yelp.

It is amazing how easy it is to make money while enjoying yourself. Regardless of your passion, effort and resoluteness are mandatory if you want to be successful.

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  1. Ric Pau says:

    Nothing on music? There are many opportunities performing for kids, bars, coffee houses, and nursing homes. Also teaching – one on one, in groups, at libraries, and at camps. The investment is low and costs are even lower. With a repertoire of about 20 good songs, you’re on your way! If sound reinforcement is needed, check into renting until you get so busy you need to own. I do have a small liability insurance policy, just in case. Plus, it’s fun to just go busking on the street for money while you practice!

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