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Diamonds in the Rough: Finding Value in Unwanted Possessions

Look around.

I’m sure you’ve thought “I have a lot of stuff”. These items once had value but nowadays they seem like they’re taking up space. You consider dumping it or hauling a few boxes off for donations. Wait a second, because some of those possessions may have value.

It’s like they say, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

These possessions have value for certain types of people. You’d be amazed at how ecstatic someone becomes when they find a deal. This lets you declutter, make a few bucks, and know the item is going to good use rather than finding its way in the landfills.

There are plenty of ways to go about offloading these possessions:

  • Online resources like Ebay, Amazon, or Facebook sales groups
  • Online and in-person auctions
  • Selling to companies, pawn shops, or collectors
  • Donations (which could be tax-deductible)

What are these items around the home that may have more value than you realized? Glad you asked…

  • Vehicles – Perhaps you moved in with your significant other and no longer need a secondary vehicle. The car is in good working condition but it’s sitting in the lot. A vehicle, for example, can be sold by listing with reputable sellers or sold directly to the company such as Car Sold for Cash. These services pay above value, offloads this burden, and gets it in the hands of someone that could appreciate a deal.
  • Electronics – We replace our tech every few years but never have the heart to toss out our old wares. There’s money to be made. Ebay is a great channel to sell old tech to collectors while electronics buying companies provide a quicker option. Do a factory reset to clear your personal data, clean it up, and sell it online. Old tech holds its value especially with limited editions, cameras, and certain parts.
  • Clothing – The trends of yesteryear are coming back. Designer clothing holds its value and there’s a growing interest in older styles to accompany modern designs. Again, Ebay or Facebook would be an easy outlet but you could also take them to a local consignment shop!
  • Music – Especially vinyl! This explosion of music streaming and access to back catalogs have created a new generation of music collectors. They want to own physical copies. You may have a collection that hasn’t been touched in years. Use a grading guide to determine their condition then post them to Discogs.com!

These are your typical hidden gems around the home. There are many others including sports memorabilia, coins, video games, artwork, furniture, and more.

Try this:

Take an afternoon to work your way through a single room and think about if these possessions are being used. Do they still provide joy or sentiment? Are they functional? Look at what they sell for online if you’re unable to justify their ownership.

These possessions may not hold value to you… but they do for others.

And on the topic of selling online or in-person?

Don’t expect to get what you paid for it – the items are dated. Some will sell cheap while others may be a surprisingly high amount. The goal is to declutter but not just dump your junk. Make some money selling items you no longer want or need. It’s not that hard.


  1. We de-clutter a few times a year (where the stuff comes from I have no idea) and we usually sell a bunch on Craigslist. Not only does this help us keep out tiny house tidy but it also brings in a few $’s too.

    Everyone should do this once or twice a year. I bet you have $1,000+ worth of “stuff” sitting around your house you no longer need. Free up that cash!

  2. LOVE the line about taking an afternoon to work through a room. We actually went through our ENTIRE house in ~2 hours, and eliminated 30 years worth of STUFF via a 24-hour Craigslist downsizing bash (write about it in a post)! Nothing beats the feeling of getting rid of “junk”, and watching the pleasure in the buyers’ eyes when they realize the bargain they’ve gotten for their prized possession. Don’t do it for the money, do it for the freedom that downsizing provides!

  3. Whenever I want to get rid of an item I’ve had a long time, like a phone or computer, I try finding ways to spice them up again. When we feel like buying new things, it’s usually out of a desire for excitement.

    I’ll jazz up my electronics by changing my ring tones, what apps I have, backgrounds, and color schemes.

    Cars can be easily made to feel new again with a DIY detailing job and a coat of Armor-All.

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