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Your Money Situation Won’t Change Until You Start Taking Responsibility for Your Actions

I realize that this post might get me in hot water with some, but I recently read another article about the dire money situation of Americans and how it’s not their fault. Being an American who for many years took little responsibility for my own money situation (along with my husband) and being one who is digging out of a dire financial situation, I know whereof I speak. Read more

Who Benefits From My Debt?

“One way to grapple with debt is to ask yourself ‘who benefits from my debt?'” This is the question Mrs. Groovy suggested people ask themselves as they work toward paying off debt, and I thought that the profound statement deserved an entire post, so here it is. Read more

Top Ten Ways to Prepare for Retirement

A recent poll by Go Banking Rates revealed that 56% of Americans have less than $10,000 saved for retirement. And 28% of Americans aged 55 and older have ZERO saved for retirement. These are numbers that should scare us all. Even if you’re doing great on saving for retirement, those who aren’t saving will eventually be a tax burden on the savers if they continue to avoid a retirement savings plan.

With health problems on the rise and medical costs on the rise, people are in dire need of a plan to start saving at least something for retirement. And lest you be discouraged, know that “something” really does add up. Read more