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A Simple Checklist For Opening Your Cottage

While many cottagers wait until the famous May Two-Four weekend to open their cottage, you’re not like most cottagers. After a long winter full of bomb cyclones and last-minute flurries, you aren’t willing to wait until the mercury hits the teens to get to your home away from home. If you’re planning to make the trip soon, you’ll have a few chore-filled days ahead of you to make sure it’s up to snuff, no matter the weather. To make sure you can relax properly next to the fire, here’s a simple checklist of tasks to keep you on track.

Phone the utilities to make sure you have power.

Don’t wait until you get to the cottage to realize it’s without power. Find time in the week before you leave to speak with your utility providers. Make sure your electricity will be on by the time you get there.

Bring your toolkit

You’ll want a fully stocked toolkit in hand just in case something needs immediate repairs when you get there. Gather all the tools you’ll need for basic repairs and make sure you aren’t missing any key pieces. Even if there’s nothing wrong with the place, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Conduct a brief survey on arrival

When you first get there, check in and around your cottage to make sure there isn’t any obvious damage to the building or its surrounding property. Take special care inspecting your foundation, the roof, the deck, and windows. Be sure to check there isn’t damage to power lines or other lines leading to the cottage. Inside, survey the rooms to make sure there aren’t any signs of water damage or pests.

Keep calm

If you’re lucky, you won’t find any damages. Unfortunately, the winter isn’t always kind and you may have to deal with a large repair. Don’t panic if you don’t have the savings to cover all your expenses. You can cover cash shortages with the help of a lender like GoDay and make the repairs you need. They offer quick and easy ways to pay for essential repairs. Typically, they require only basic contact and financial information to approve your application, which is just one way these lenders keep their lending process as convenient as possible. Though they come with rates and fees, you can avoid paying late fees as long as you pay them on time. This makes these financial products ideal for momentary financial emergencies.

Turn on the water

If you haven’t done this on your own before, you might want to invite an experienced friend along with you for your first trip back to the cottage. They can talk you through the steps it takes to bring water back to your pipes. You’ll want to carry out a deeper survey of your pump and its lines to make sure there isn’t any damage. From there, turn on the cold tap water valve before switching on the water pump at the panel box. Once it’s on, open the valves between it and your cottage before checking each of the taps in the bathroom and kitchen. Turn them on to remove any air in the pipes, checking make sure nothing is leaking once they’re off.

You might be a little early, but as long as there isn’t a risk for sub-zero temperatures, it’s safe to open up the cottage for another season. Keep this guide in mind when you plan to head up to yours, so you’re prepared to do what it takes to make your cottage ready for spring and summer