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Personal Financing Tips for Young Adults

Now days, it is an unfortunate thing that the majority of colleges and universities have not made personal finance a necessary subject for their students. Due to this reason, students often lack the understanding that is needed to make proper decisions when it comes to handling their finances. This may include things like managing money, how to stay debt-free, or something as simple as applying for a credit card. Young adults are at the point of their lives where they need to make smart decisions regarding their money to be successful in today’s cutthroat economic situation. It is of utmost importance they these young adults get the necessary advice they lack as they wouldn’t want to get in their middle ages and be broke.

If you are someone who just graduated from college but has no basic knowledge of how to secure your finances, then this article will be beneficial to you. Having accurate information about getting your finances in order is the first thing you can do to secure your future, as money is something that will allow you to remain focused on your goals. Without having the right amount of money, you will not be able to buy that dream car or house you always wanted. Whatever the case, for something like that to happen, you need to follow some essential tips. Some of those tips have been shared below.


Get Good Health Insurance

Health insurance is something that you should not skip out on if you want to save money and, most importantly, your health. What will you do when a medical emergency strikes, like a broken bone, and you have no other choice but to visit the emergency room where you would need to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to get treated. If you don’t have a good health insurance plan, now is the time to apply for one. Accidents can happen without a warning, and you wouldn’t want to take out money from your emergency fund. You can easily avoid the situation by getting a health insurance plan. Finding reasonable health coverage can be a difficult thing to do, so a good idea would be to get quotes from different health insurance providers. After you do that, go for the one that you can afford.


Learn Self Control

If you are lucky, your parents might have taught you this skill when you were just a little kid. If not, then the sooner you learn this skill, the better it will be for you when it comes to managing your money. Of course, if you want to buy something that you desire, you can always purchase it on your credit card. However, it is a wise decision to save up for it as you will have to pay back your bank, with interest, the money you used to buy the item. Would you want to pay interest on something as little as a pair of socks or a carton of milk? So, you must learn self-control when it comes to buying things you like. Sure, a credit card would get you that thing, but you cannot be sure that you would be able to pay it back at the end of the month or after five years.


Start Saving

Retirement is something that you need to prepare for in advance. The sooner you prepare for it, the better it will be for you when you get old. If you work for a company that is offering you a 401k plan, it would be best that you take up on that offer and sign up for it the first chance you can get. If there is no such offer, it would be a wise decision that you divert a few dollars from your paycheck in an IRA plan. If you earn more money, you will have the ability to save more of it. Preferably, you should stash away 15 percent of the money you earn. As you find a better source of income, you should increase the amount you save until your savings percentage gets to about 30 percent of your monthly paycheck.


Guard Your Finances

It does not necessarily mean that you turn yourself into a miser, but you should make it a point to yourself that you will only spend money on necessities. Also, a good idea would be to try to stay away from scams and avoid loaning money to people that you know will not pay you back. Nobody can build up their finances by being liberal with their cash. This something that you should always remember. However, it does not mean you should not give out loans. If you know someone is trustworthy and will return you the loan, give it to them, as one day, they will help you with your financial distress.


Keep Track Of Your Money

You must not spend more than you earn. The best way to make sure you are not doing such a thing is budgeting. Once you know how much money you are spending every month and what you are spending it on, you will be able to control your expenditures, and you will be able to make tweaks to it accordingly. Also, keeping recurring monthly spending as low as you can allow you to save huge sums of money over time. Budgeting is a must if you want to save yourself from overspending the little amount of money you have remaining.


Have An Emergency Fund

It is always best to have an emergency fund present at your disposal when a financial situation arises. Whether it be something as little as paying your electricity bill or getting your car repaired, you would not want to use money that you have set aside for monthly expenses and be left with nothing. So, keep some money aside by creating an emergency fund that you can use in times of need. You can add five percent of your monthly income every month to increase the amounts of money you have present in your emergency fund.



Getting a fancy finance degree is not required to keep your finances in order. As you get older, you will slowly learn the things you need to do to manage your finances properly. You will learn by experience as this is something that is not taught in schools or universities. Today, we have shared with you some personal financing tips to keep your period of youth go smooth financially, at least.