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Learn How to Manage Your Budget for More Comfort

calculator-428294_640Knowing how to manage your finances and even tracking your budget allows you to be financially secure and also to achieve some of your desires. For instance, buy a beautiful car, buy the home of your dreams or take a year to travel around the world

Good management of your personal budget will give you a better view of your expenses, identify sources of savings and, more broadly, help you to live better with constant income. How to do it:

List your sources of income and expenses

First, you must identify the amounts that you perceive on a regular basis as salary, pension or rental income, but also irregularly amounts like a thirteenth month salary, bonus, allowances or gifts.

Once this first step is done, you need to identify your expenses. The easiest way is to look at the history of your accounts in recent months. Your expenses can be classified into three categories.

Fixed expenses: These are the ones that come back every month and are the same amount. This may be paying off your mortgage, rents, taxes if you do so with monthly installments, fuel or public transport tickets, insurance, telephone or potential tuition.

Variable expenses: These are recurring expenses but the amount varies: your food expenses, entertainment such as cinema, restaurant or theater.

Irregular expenditure: These are peak expenditures that you must anticipate. They are of two kinds: expected irregular expenditure peaks and projects to fund. These comprise of land tax, council tax and possibly travel, sales, back to school, replacing your car or end of year holidays (consider using one of the numerous seasonal offer codes for shopping).

Estimate the annual amount that this represents and set aside a monthly sum that will allow you to cover these expenses in a savings account. It will be less difficult to meet year-end expenses if you set aside a hundred euros per month.

The other irregular expenditure peaks, those you cannot anticipate: unemployment, health, accident – contingencies of all kinds. It is for you to estimate the monthly amount you can set aside for these.

Online Tools To Help You

Tracking your finances will allow you to secure your future and that of your loved ones by offering you the opportunity to identify sources of savings. This offers you the opportunity to build or strengthen your heritage and create precautionary cash.

Today, there are online tools for analyzing your operations, and real-time tracking of your ongoing and future expenses. They are known as Personal Finance Manager.

They offer you a consolidated view of your finances: at a glance you realize the weight of certain items on expenses, consumption of your budgets and your projected sales, facilitating eventual rebalancing.

Increasingly sophisticated, personal expenses management tools simulate the theoretical or actual balance of your bank account and can program savings goals to finance your projects. They learn your preferences to build future analysis, draw graphs by date or type of expenditure. Based on past operations, it is possible to make projections.

This dynamic view allows you to anticipate your expenses and often improve consumption by giving you the real and not idealized vision of your finances!