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Facing medical bills, home purchase opportunities, loss of a job, or have a business idea? Learn how to get money now.

In Need of Cash? Here Are 5 Ways to Get Quick Funding

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Whether you are facing medical bills, home purchase opportunities, loss of a job, or have a business idea- money is essential, especially right now. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have enough cash on hand for emergencies.


Some people do not like the idea of borrowing money and resort to getting additional jobs or selling their things. They fail to realize that borrowing money is also helpful in making big purchases or paying for big-ticket expenses.

Government Grants and Loans


The U.S. Federal government does not give free money, but they extend grants and loans to US citizens. These grants and loans can be used to start a business or cover personal expenses. The government can even help in paying for housing, food, healthcare, and other living expenses.


A grant from the federal government is one way that the government can help in funding ideas to boost the economy. Grants can be awarded to colleges and universities, non-profit organizations, research laboratories, and businesses. Anyone can apply for a government grant.


Government loans, on the other hand, are extended for specific purposes. These include education, housing needs, business needs, and payment for emergency expenses. In loans, the recipients are required to repay the government, unlike in grants. Examples of government loans are student loans, small business loans, and housing loans.


If you need help paying bills for COVID-19-related expenses, the government can also extend help to you through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.


The CARES Act can help avoid mortgage foreclosure, expansion of unemployment benefits, and federal student loan relief.


Installment loans


Getting installment loans is considered to be the most efficient and affordable way to get extra money. These loans are ideal if you want to pay for emergency expenses, weddings, or purchase a car. Typically, these loans may be payday loans or credit card loans.


Nowadays, you can even apply for online installment loans with instant approval. Depending on the lender, cash can be received as early as a day after the application’s approval.


Payments are usually made monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly. The payment schedule also depends on the agreement with the lender. The most common types of installment loans are car loans, mortgage loans, and personal loans. Payments may be made through automatic deduction from your bank account, direct deposit at the lender’s office, or through any channel that is convenient for you and the lender.


To borrow money, the lender will usually require security or collateral. Usually, your assets are used as collateral. Online lenders usually require that the borrower has a steady paycheck to ensure that they can pay on time.


A tip would be to pay on time to increase your credit score. Improving your credit score will come in handy when you take out another loan in the future. Having a good credit score means you can borrow a higher amount of money, even the maximum amount that can be lent to you.


Loans from Family and Friends


A survey provides that loans from friends and family amount to $89 Billion each year in the United States. The most common reasons for borrowing money from friends and family are purchasing a house, starting a business, and paying for medical expenses.


The main benefit of borrowing from them is the flexibility of the terms and conditions of payment. Interest rates are also lower and will most likely borrow 100% of the money you exactly need. However, relationships with family and friends can also be compromised because of loans.


When borrowing from your friends and family, it is essential to establish whether such an extension of help is a loan, gift, or investment. A loan is good if you do not want them to tell you what to do. Also, establish whether you are receiving the money as a gift or loan to know if you need to repay them or not.


Selling Your Things


There is nothing to lose with selling your old stuff. While organizing garage sales require a lot of work, they can also give you a decent amount of money. If you are selling, make sure to advertise through Facebook, Instagram, your family, and your friends.


Part-time Jobs

If you do not have anything to sell, sell your services instead. Look for a part-time job that occupies at most two hours of your day.


You can also offer to babysit, walk dogs, wash cars, or any type of services that you can offer to your neighbors. Depending on the number of jobs you take, you will rake in a few bucks to help with your expenses.



Times are hard, and people need more funding options, especially since the pandemic is still around, and lay-offs and furloughs are massive. Fortunately, there are many ways to get cash to pay for emergency expenses, business startups, home purchase, or auto purchase.