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How Moving From the Suburbs to the Country Changed our Lives

DSCN2932Hey, friends!  Check out our guest post over at The Plutus Awards today:

We launched The Frugal Farmer near the end of December 2012. Earlier that month, we’d come to the realization that our debt had gotten WAY out of hand. For the first time in our lives, we sat down and calculated our debt numbers and our debt-to-income ratio. It was not pretty.

It was a time of great change in our lives; we’d recently sold our mini-mansion in the suburbs in order to buy a small hobby farm.

To hear more about our story, click here:


  1. I loved reading your story, Laurie! It can surely be used as inspiration by many. And regarding the biggest lesson you wrote about – I have a sticker on my wall saying “Believe in yourself and nothing else matters”. That’s something I love waking up to and starting my day with!

  2. Awesome to read this background to your story Laurie! I’ve often joked to my wife that we should go and live somewhere far away on a hill, away from the craziness of the crowd, and so inspiring to see what you and your family have done to create the life you really want. Also love seeing the pictures! Amazing how these pics really bring your background to life! I look forward to reading more of your inspiring articles and seeing you achieve the life you want for your family!

  3. Mr. SSC says:

    That’s a great back-story! I can’t wait to do the same and get out of the rat race. I doubt we’ll get a farm, but our retirement place will have nice views of mountains, four seasons, fresh air, room for the kids to play and explore, and NO big city lifestyle. Thanks for the inspiration!

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