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How a Zone Control System Will Save You Money

Energy efficiency is an important issue for many homeowners. If you’re not careful, your monthly electric bill can skyrocket, forcing you to choose between paying more and reducing your air conditioning or heating usage. Fortunately, there are solutions for homeowners who want to enjoy comfortable temperatures without worrying about how much they will owe each month. If you haven’t heard of a zoned air conditioning system, read on to learn how this option can save you money and make your home more energy efficient.

Zone Control Systems Divert Air

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It is unlikely that every part of your house needs to be cooled at any given point. Even people with large families will find that parts of their home are empty throughout the day. Zoned systems make it easy to divert the air from unused spaces so you can easily cool the rooms that you are in.

For example, you can use your zoned system to cool your dining room and kitchen in the evenings when you are making dinner and eating as a family. During this time, there is no reason to cool your bedrooms or your office when no one is in either of those spaces. Then, when everyone is getting ready to go to bed, switch on the AC to cool the bedrooms through the night.

You might be surprised at how much you can save by segmenting your house and turning off the HVAC system for rooms that are unoccupied.

Family Members Can Control Their Comfort Levels

The more people who live in your home, the more your temperature preferences will differ. Some people might want to stay in a cool room at night while others prefer a warmer sleeping space. Climate control heating and air conditioning gives your family members the temperature control they desire.

Not only does this increase your energy efficiency, but it can also increase the peace in your home, as family members will no longer fight for control of the thermostat.

Modern HVAC Systems Keep Temperatures Even

Do you ever notice that some parts of your home cool quickly, while other parts stay warmer than the rest? Problems with your HVAC location and insulation can make it almost impossible to maintain even temperatures from room to room. However, a zoned cooling system can accomplish this.

With the zone control system, you can cool rooms that need the extra energy, while your system stays off in the parts of your house that are already cool. (It’s like spot-cleaning a stain on a shirt instead of throwing the whole thing into the wash.) This saves you money by focusing on problem areas instead of blasting cold air into an already cool space.

A zoned system can meet the needs of both larger families in homes with multiple bedrooms and those in smaller homes and condos. By controlling your airflow, you can focus on the spaces you want cool and stop spending money on the parts of your house that don’t need it.