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Financial Literacy Roundup Week #1

Hey, financially literate friends!!  As promised, here’s the scoop on some of this week’s really awesome articles from bloggers focusing on Financial Literacy Month. A lifetime’s worth of personal finance education, all in one place! 

How to Pay off Massive Amounts of Consumer Debt

Brian from Debt Discipline is sharing some awesome blogger interviews for Financial Literacy Month, and as a bonus, he had this great post on what it took for him and his family to pay off $109k in consumer debt. Learn his secrets here.

Financial Literacy Chronicles

Jack over at Enwealthen shares a stream of stories from personal finance bloggers who share their innermost financial secrets and successes. Learn from the best, right?

Debt Payoff Inspiration

Over at Life and My Finances, staff writer Jamie shares “the hashtag that inspired us to pay down thousands in debt.” Jamie talks about how her and her husband knocked out their biggest credit card balance in a little over a year. Good stuff!

How to Live the Good Life

Brad over at Maximize Your Money wrote an awesome post called 3 Tips for Living the Good Life (Without Going Broke). As a former personal loan officer and mortgage banker, I saw this happen SO many times to people. Luckily, Brad and his family turned things around.

Are You Wasting Big Bucks on Your Vehicle Choices?

Andrew over at Living Rich Cheaply asks How Much Have You Spent on Buying Cars? The average car payment these days is $506 for a new vehicle and $364 for a used vehicle. That’s a lot of money being funneled away from your financial freedom. Guess how much money Andrew has spent on cars in the last twenty years?

Money and…….Baseball?

It’s baseball season, my friends!!  But that doesn’t mean personal finance talk has to be off the table. In this post Rob shares four surprising things that baseball can teach you about money management. Batter up!

The Eve of Destruction?

And last, but certainly not least, Mr. Groovy wrote about the two potential paths for funding his and Mrs. Groovy’s life as retirees. I wonder which path you will choose?

And, in case you missed them, our three Financial Literacy Month posts for this week can be found here:

Why Financial Literacy Matters

The Hidden Gems of Financial Wellness

How Debt Destroys Your Chances for Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is all about making daily, consistent choices about what’s more important to you from a monetary standpoint. For instance, yesterday we knew we were going to be gone from the house all day. That meant we wouldn’t be eating lunch at home. Lunch out for me and the four kids costs a minimum of $15 and more often $20-$30, and that’s IF we hit the fast food joints. Sit down restaurants can be double that.

So, I packed PB and honey sandwiches for the kids and a salad for myself. Lunch from home isn’t nearly as much fun as hitting our favorite Chinese buffet in town or wolfing down a giant soft taco shell filled with non-gmo goodness.

But no amount of cream cheese wontons or gargantuan burritos can beat the feeling of knowing we just socked an extra $30 toward debt freedom and financial independence. 🙂



  1. Brian says:

    Thanks for including my post Laurie! SO important to continue to spread the word of financial education during financial literacy month and beyond! #FLM2017

    • Laurie says:

      Exactly! People often underestimate the importance of financial literacy until they’re in a mess of a bind like we were and you guys were.

  2. Thanks for the shout out!!! I am in some incredible company with these other bloggers. It’s been a busy week so I can’t wait to read up on some of your choices!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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