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Our Fave Frugal Window Cleaning Solution

Cleaning the windows is likely one of the most tedious jobs for homeowners everywhere.  If you have windows that need cleaning, you can hire a professional, or you can use our favorite frugal window cleaning solution and some elbow grease and get the job done yourself.  No harsh chemicals with this solution: just common household items and some hard work.

For the best results, spray the window cleaning solution on the window with a spray bottle that has a mist setting.  Then scrub lightly with a window scrubber, following up with a window squeegee.  Use the window squeegee in long, horizontal strips, wiping it with a rag in between strips.  Make sure to clean up any drips at the bottom of the window so they don’t sit on your wood frames or sills.

We get our windows squeaky clean for dirt cheap, and without spending serious dollars on commercial glass cleaners.  Our dirt cheap and super effective “recipe” for our window cleaning solution goes like this:

25% rubbing alcohol

25% white distilled vinegar

50% water

Mix and use.  That’s it!  For extra sparkly windows, use a microfiber cloth, or use a window scrubber and a window squeegee with an extension pole, bought separately or in a kit.

Zwipes Microfiber Cleaning Cloths (36-Pack) Assorted Colors

Ettore 71140 Professional Brass Backflip Window Cleaning Combo Tool, 14-Inch

Professional-grade clean windows can indeed be achieved at a low price, using the right tools and our favorite frugal window cleaning solution.


*If you have a home that’s larger than one story and requires a ladder for cleaning some of the windows, it’s best to hire a professional to do the job.