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Your Prepper Arsenal: The #1 Non-Negotiable Tool You Need

We talk a lot about prepping on this site. Since we moved from the suburbs to the country four and a half years ago, we’ve slowly been learning the vital importance of being prepared for whatever potential disasters might come one’s way and what types of supplies are most important in a prepper arsensal.

Sometimes disasters come in the form of natural disasters such as hurricanes. We talked about this here when a fellow blogger shared her real life experience living through Hurricane Sandy.

Other times disasters come in the form of personal disasters, such as job layoffs. Read more

5 Essential Items to Keep in Your Bug Out or Go Bag

Hey friends!!  Today we have a guest post from Angelica, who blogs over at Tactical Guru. Enjoy!

Developing a bug out bag and/or go bag for emergencies is probably one of the first things you’ll do when you start prepping. If you’re new to this, it can be an intimidating task. For one thing, you need to be able to reasonably predict what you’ll need in an emergency scenario. It’s nearly impossible to account for every imaginable situation, but some things are universal. Read more

Best Items to Have During a Power Outage

Hey friends!!  Today we have a guest post from Angelica, who blogs over at Tactical Guru. Enjoy!

For most individuals, power outages are a given. While many homesteaders and homeowners have the option of relying on alternative power sources, most of us are simply less equipped to deal with downed lines or grid failures. Usually, these events are brief—more of an inconvenience than a danger. However, in extreme situations, power outages last much longer. They can quickly become a crisis if you’re unprepared, especially for the young and the elderly. Read more

4 Ways to Make Money Blogging

Hey friends! Since I’ve been talking a bit about the side hustle money I’m making doing this blogging thing (over $15k last year alone!) I thought I’d get more specific and share the details of what I’m doing and why I think it’s working. Making money by blogging isn’t always a fast process, but it can be. More than likely, though, you’ll need to be patient. But while you’re patiently growing your blog you can do the things that help to maximize monetization. Just follow these tips…… Read more

The 10 Best Prepping and Survival Books

If you’ve read our “About” page, you know we’re huge advocates of education through reading. Part of the reason we’ve so heavily adapted the habit of reading non-fiction books is that 88% of millionaires read at least thirty minutes of non-fiction a day. Education through reading is a powerful tool for reaching your goals and becoming what you want to be. And if you’re interested in prepping, you’ll want to know about what I think are some of the best prepping and survival books on the market. Read more

How to Ice Fishing – A Fun and Rewarding Activity

Hey friends! This is a guest post from fellow blogger Paul Watson. As midwesterners, we ice fish every year. By following Paul’s tips, you can make your ice fishing hobby a fun and safe event! Are you looking for a winter hobby? How about ice fishing for Perch? Ice fishing is a great way to gets out and enjoy nature’s winter beauty, spends time with friends and family and catch supper while you are at it! If you have never been ice fishing before,

Read more

Prepping and Privacy: Are You Putting Yourself at Risk?

One of the things I’ve learned (and am still learning) over the years about prepping and privacy is that people often give out information about their lives and their activities that is highly valuable to criminals without even realizing it. Social sites such as Facebook, etc., have been a huge help to those with bad intentions in this area. Today I’m going to talk about how we’re putting ourselves and our families at risk by not being cautious about our privacy, and what you can do to protect your family. Although this post might seem a little on the snarky side, know that my heart is to help you keep yourself and your loved ones safe. 🙂 Read more

What Can I Pay Out of My HSA?

In my humble opinion, the HSA is highly underrated and underused by many here in America. The more I look into this gem of a product, the more excited I get about contributing to it. We upped our contributions to our HSA this year because one of the kids needs braces and I want to make sure we deduct every bit of our out-of-pocket costs for those things. We’re working to maximize tax deductions, especially while the kids can still be counted as dependents. So that got me thinking; What can I pay out of my HSA? What other regular purchases do we make that we can be purchasing with HSA funds so that we can minimize taxable income? Read more

7 Tips for Beating the Winter Blues

Studies indicate that as much as twenty-five percent of the population suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder or what’s commonly known as the winter blues. Especially if you live in colder, northern states, winter can be depressing borderlining on debilitating. Having suffered from clinical depression for seven straight years, I can tell you that winter can be really tough on those suffering from winter-related blues.

It feels like you’re trapped in a frozen tundra and will never escape, to put it mildly. Winter used to be a tough time for me, but following the tips below has helped me to kick the winter blues to the curb and manage to almost enjoy winter. 🙂 Read more