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Job Layoff Survival Tips

Your position at work might not be as secure as you think it is. Because of that, we’re going to help you prep for a job layoff. Now, my hope and prayer is that you never have to experience this. But we’d rather have you be prepared for it and it never happens than have it happen and you not be prepared at all. The job layoff survival tips listed here came from two places:

  • Our own experience with losing a job
  • A post a blogging pal (who no longer blogs ūüôĀ ) wrote here

So get your pen and paper out and make yourself a plan that will help ensure that if you do experience a job layoff you’ll be prepped and ready to handle it. Read more

How to Build a 30 Day Emergency Food Supply Fast and Cheap

If you haven’t gotten on board with the whole prepping thing yet, now might be a good time. Less than 24 hours after it was announced that Donald Trump had been elected president, the protests are starting.

This is the kind of thing we are talking about when we talk about situations rising up quickly where you may not be able to – or be comfortable – leaving your house.

This is the type of scenario that has preppers everywhere begging with readers to at least have a small stockpile (7 days or so at the least) ready to go.

In an ideal world, a minimum of 30 days for a stockpile is best. Today I’m going to share how you can maximize your money and use as little of it as possible to build yourself a quick storehouse for an emergency type of situation. Read more

7 Prepping Moves You Need to Teach Your Kids Today

When you’re working to be a good prepping family, it’s often easy to focus on what you’re doing for your kids in the area of preparedness and forget about what you need to be teaching your kids in the area of preparedness.

We work hard to be good prepping moms and dads that make sure our kids have food supplies, water supplies, heating supplies etc. so that they’ll not be left un-cared for if the SHTF.

Yesterday while working with our 10-year-old son to clear the pasture of horse poo, I realized that we’ve got some work to do in the area of teaching him to not just be the recipient of our prepping work, but to have the capacity to know what he needs to do on his own in the case of a SHTF scenario.

It was a small situation really, Read more

Is Life Insurance a Need or a Want?

This article was sponsored by SelectQuote, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

When we started working to pay off our consumer debt, we began by going through every single line item in our budget. The goal was to determine which expenses were truly value expenses in our life, and which were merely temporary, feel-good expenses that were hindering our ability to become debt free.  Read more

16 Things You Might Not Have Thought About That Need to Be In Your Prepper Stockpile

We’ve been working to learn how to be prepared for disaster scenarios now for four years, and it still amazes me that I am constantly learning about new things that need to be in a sufficient stockpile.

I’ll read somebody else’s prepper article, or I’ll have an experience in my own home that sets off that “Eureka!” light bulb about something we need to have that we don’t have. Like the time a couple of summers ago when we lost power. Read more

How to Prepare for a Natural Disaster

how-to-prepare-for-a-natural-disasterLast week Hurricane Matthew hit the shores of Florida. By 11 a.m. EST on Saturday more than one million residents were left without power. Four people were dead: two people killed by falling trees while in their home and camper, and an elderly couple died from carbon monoxide fumes from the gas generator they were running in their garage.

In Haiti the damage from Hurricane Matthew was far more intense: over 800 dead as of this writing.

My friends, natural disasters do and will happen, and there’s nothing we can do to stop them. You can call prepping for war, economic downturns and zombie apocalypses “paranoid” but the threat of natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, heavy rains and massive snowstorms are real and they happen regularly. Read more