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50 Great Side Hustle Ideas

Ever thought about picking up a side hustle? I’m guessing that if you’re reading this you probably have. Side hustling has literally saved us financially. When we first started our “get out of debt” journey, we had a 65% – 70% debt-to-income ratio.

That means that more than 65% of Rick’s gross pay was taken up for required minimum debt payments each month. As you can imagine, that left us with quite a huge monthly deficit. Read more

How to Find the BEST Side Hustle for You

Side hustles are all the rage these days. People are looking to earn more money without having to work a traditional job role for “the man”, so to speak. But does side hustling really work? Or a better question might be why does side hustling work for some people rather than others?

Ever since I started staying home with the kids, I’ve been looking for side hustles to help supplement our income. Most have failed. One has succeeded. Read more

How to Start a Blog in Four Easy Steps

So, I haven’t been talking much on the blog about my blogging income, but since it’s increasing at a pretty decent rate I don’t feel I can keep this secret gem to earning extra income a secret anymore.

When I started this blog in January of 2013, I had not one clue about blogging or technical stuff like how to set up a blog. In fact, I hadn’t even read a blog until the end of 2012. I really was in the dark ages.

I always hoped to start making money online; after all, I’d heard these great stories about people doing so. Read more

How I Make Money Writing for Blogs

How I Make Money Writing for BlogsHey, Frugal Farmer friends! I wanted to share with ya’ll a little bit today about the income I make blogging and how I make money writing for blogs as well. Often times, when I tell people that I have a “career” as a blogger, they look at me with that look. You know: the “Yeah, I KNOW that’s a scam” look. As if I were part of a pyramid scheme in which a secret society finds some hidden, illegal route to making the big bucks and alienating family and friends in the process. 🙂 However, making money blogging and writing for blogs is a real and valid source of income for thousands and thousands of people.  Read more