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HVAC Issues That Can Spike Energy Bills

Expensive heating and cooling bills are one of the most common complaints of homeownership, especially in seasonally extreme weather. It’s estimated that about half the energy used in a typical household goes to heating and cooling the home. Therefore, making good decisions regarding your HVAC system can save you a lot of money annually. Below are the four most common HVAC issues that can spike your energy bills, along with some suggested solutions. Read more

What Farm Owners Should Know about CBD for Working Dogs

CBD oil, also known as cannabidiol, is an extract made from the hemp plant. As cannabis based products flood the drugstore shelves, many people want to learn more about this natural product. In fact, dog owners may have noticed it’s showing up at pet boutiques, and indeed, even the retail section at your veterinarian’s office. 

So, what is all the hub-bub about this plant based compound, and, is it just a marketing fad or is there more to it? This article will explore the basics of CBD for dogs so you can decide if it is right for your dog. 


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How a Zone Control System Will Save You Money

Energy efficiency is an important issue for many homeowners. If you’re not careful, your monthly electric bill can skyrocket, forcing you to choose between paying more and reducing your air conditioning or heating usage. Fortunately, there are solutions for homeowners who want to enjoy comfortable temperatures without worrying about how much they will owe each month. If you haven’t heard of a zoned air conditioning system, read on to learn how this option can save you money and make your home more energy efficient. Read more

How to Cut Costs on a Kitchen Remodel

Are you planning a kitchen remodel but don’t want to spend too much? The good news is: you can! With a little elbow grease and some know-how, you can achieve beautiful results at the fraction of the price. Let’s consider some tips that can help you save a few bucks on your kitchen renovation.

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What to Do When You Have No Time to Invest

If you’re like most people these days, you lead a busy life. You probably work, and maybe you have a spouse or partner. In addition, you might have children or attend college as well.

No matter what commitments fill your life, it can be difficult to juggle everything. You may feel like you really have no time to invest for your future right now, but you’ll start in a year or two.

The bad news is that the longer you put off investing, the less money you’ll have down the road. But fortunately, there are ways you can save for your future goals even when you have no time to invest. Read more

Inspiring Rags To Riches Stories

Photo by Georges Biard // CC BY-SA 4.0

Caption: Hollywood stars such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Leonardo Di Caprio have come from humble beginnings

Often when we think about the people who have millions in the bank and little to worry about in the way of debt, it’s tempting to believe that they can only have achieved such wealth with a helping hand and privileged background. It’s not an unfair assumption to make. There are wealthy dynasties and plenty of rich people who inherited wealth. Read more

Handy Budgeting Tips for Single Parents

Budgeting enough money aside to care for your kids is tricky at the best of times. You want to give your children everything, but you also know how expensive it can be to raise children. Even with two sources of income, you might have to compromise on a lot of things, just so you can make ends meet. For single parents, the challenges are even greater.

Not only do you need to find all the money that a two-parent household would need to look after their child, but you’ll also only have a single income to do it with. What’s more, you may be paying more than most on childcare too.

Fortunately, we have a few tips that could help you. Read more

How Can Forex Trading Make You Money?

Can you really earn money from Forex trading? Most will probably answer “no,” but if you understand how Forex trading really works, you can actually make a profit out of it.


While it is possible to make a profit out of Forex trading, the odds are all against you, especially if you don’t take the time to plan and prepare to trade. Even for a skilled Forex trader, the odds may still not be in your favor. Making big money in Forex trading may be something of a gamble, but once you have a successful trade, the rewards are incredibly big as well. If you want to try your luck in this trillion-dollar exchange market, you might want to look at this great dummies guide to Forex trading.


But first, you’ll need to learn how you can make money from Forex trading. Read more

4 Strategies for Dealing with Significant Debt

Living in a wealthy nation carries several benefits, but temptation to live beyond average means might be a common relative weakness.

Approximately 80 percent of Americans carry some form of debt among student loans, mortgages, vehicle loans, medical bills and credit cards. However, it’s the last category that’s by far the most dangerous. So perilous in fact that a recent consumer survey revealed that two out of three U.S. consumers don’t know when they’ll be debt free. One quarter of respondents expect to be in debt for life.

Any balance is solvable. It all depends on finding—and committing— to a solution with which you’re comfortable.

Let’s discuss four strategies for dealing with significant debt. Read more

Do Credit Cards Come With Life Insurance?

Credit card lenders do whatever is necessary to avoid financial losses. One way they do this is by including different types of insurance policies with their credit card accounts. Most credit card holders are not even aware of these insurances even though they are probably paying for them. With that said, most cardholders would probably agree to pay for the insurance policies if they thought it would pay their balances in full when they died. Below, you will discover more information about life insurance and credit card companies. Read more