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9 Proven Ways to Find the Right Job Opportunities

Increasing your income, finding a side job, or even working a side hustle are all ways to help improve your economic status. And while finding a new job opportunity can be tricky depending on your skills and industry, there are proven ways to position yourself for success.

Have a Solid Resume

You can’t expect to land the job of your dreams without a well-written resume. A good resume should be up-to-date, easy to follow, and use a font that is easy to read. It should also have consistent formatting throughout each section. However, this doesn’t need to be mundane and drab looking. If you are in the creative industry especially, you need a resume that can stand out and capture someone’s attention. Modern resume design is just as important as the content it contains.

Know Where to Look

There are plenty of legit job sites out there. While you can search directly in one like Indeed or even LinkedIn, you may find more success using a search engine like Google first because it can consolidate information from multiple job sites. If you’re looking internationally, finding a company that offers a global search tool is imperative. You’ll also want to ensure that they use some sort of global payroll services before you accept a role. This ensures that you can get paid in your own currency and country.

Make Sure You Have a Good Network

They say that it’s not always what you know but who you know that can help get your foot in the door. And it’s partly true. If you’re struggling to get a better job opportunity, you may need to tap into your network. What does this mean? It means asking people you know if there are opportunities in their companies or in your field that they can recommend you for. It means knowing people who do similar work as you so that when opportunities arise, you can be prepared.

Use Social Media

Social media is a great way to network. Many people use it nowadays to also find job opportunities. LinkedIn and other professional networking sites are great places to start if you’re looking for a job. You can even find roles on Instagram and TikTok. These sites allow you to connect with people so you can reach out when needed, and provide valuable content that can help them as well.

Be Willing to Relocate

If you want to move up in your career, it’s important to consider relocation. Some people are unwilling to move and that can limit their job options unless they can find something remote. Many opportunities can be missed if you aren’t willing to move. And while relocation can be expensive, being able to work in your career field can make it worth the hassle.

Consider Freelancing or Consulting

If you’re looking to try out a new industry or just want to make more money, consider freelancing or consulting. You already have many job skills that make you a great candidate for freelancing work, so why not put them to use? This can also be a great way to bridge yourself between two different career fields. Consulting can be a great way to earn extra cash while also gaining experience in an area that interests you. Plus, if it doesn’t work out, there’s no long-term commitment expected.

Think Outside the Box

Finding opportunities may require you to think differently than you are used to. Why not pitch a role to a CEO? Why not connect with a business that needs your services even if they aren’t actively hiring? You never know what opportunities can come up because of your ingenuity. Don’t be afraid to be bold.

Research Before Applying

The more you know about a company and a role, the better. It’s important to not only understand what you are applying for but the culture of the company. The more you know, the better you can position yourself as the best choice for the role.

Don’t be Afraid to Negotiate for Something Better

Negotiation is a skill that can be learned. You don’t have to be afraid of it. You do, however, have to understand how it works and how to use it to get what you want. Negotiating is a two-way street. Both parties need to walk away feeling like they got something out of the deal. When negotiating salary or benefits, remember that everything has its price. Some companies are willing to pay for what you can offer because you are best suited for the role.