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6 Ways to Save Money Every Day

If you ever wonder where all your money goes, it could be the right time to have a look over your finances. Spending money is easily done, which is why it’s important to keep track of it so that you’re not going over your budget every month. There are many ways that you can save money every day, and for your convenience, we’ve listed a few ideas below.

Set a budget at the start of the month

Before you next get your salary, take the time to sit down and plan your outgoings for the month. Once you have set a budget, be disciplined and stick to it – that way, you will be less inclined to spend money on a whim each day. Track your spending against your budget on a regular basis to ensure that you are sticking to your plan!

Pay your debts on time

If you have any debts, try to pay them off as soon as possible, rather than letting them build up. By clearing them as soon as you can, you could save yourself hundreds – or sometimes even thousands – of pounds.

Book your transport in advance

If you travel to work via public transport every day, or know that you have a journey coming up, consider booking your tickets in advance to save cash. Taking the train to Cambridge on a daily basis, for example, could work out a lot cheaper if you’re organised and book online.

Visit supermarkets later in the evening

When it’s time to do the food shop, head to the supermarket a bit later than usual and go on the lookout for reduced items. There will be so much food that is discounted – and you can put it all straight in your freezer until you are ready to cook it.

Cook your food in bulk

On the subject of food, if you are guilty of rushing out on your lunch hour to buy a sandwich or a salad every day, why not cook in bulk and bring your lunch with you to work? You’ll soon see how much you’re saving by making that simple change.

Refrain from popping into your local coffee shop

Do you love to pop into your local coffee shop for your caffeine fix on your way to work? It’s easily done – and also very expensive. ‘It’s only £2 or £3 a day’ soon adds up to £15 a week and is a huge chunk out of your monthly outgoings. Invest in your own flask instead and bring your favourite coffee on the go with you.

By following these handy tips, you should be able to hang on to those pennies for a lot longer!