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Investment Mistake

How to Avoid This Investment Mistake That Cost Us $750

While we have a diversified retirement portfolio mix of Roth and Traditional IRA’s and a 401k, we have decided to get into another form of retirement investments. Real estate investment. As someone who has been engrossed in the real estate investment world with other investors for the past couple of years, I have learned a lot. So much so that we decided to take the plunge on our own. This is solely to diversify our retirement investments even more with the hopes of early retirement through passive income. However, we just made our first mistake!

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Three Exercises to Take Charge of Your Health and Your Wealth

3 Activities to Boost Your Health and Your Wealth
3 Activities to Boost Your Health and Your Wealth

Today’s post is a guest post from fellow blogger Joseph Chiweshe, a physician and blogger who shares about the connections between health and personal finance.

The connection of our health and finances is undeniable. They provide the basis for the freedom and ability to do the things we love in our day to day lives, and if either is out of balance it seems like that’s all your mind is preoccupied with.

There are three mindsets in which, if you are intentional in both your money and your health, will help assure that both your health and your money are running smoothly. Today I’ll talk about those three mindsets and how you can utilize them to be physically and financially fit. Read more