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From Material Girl to Value Based Spending Queen

Material Girl No More!
Material Girl No More!

The first time I heard the term value based spending was while reading a post written by Shannon over at The Heavy Purse. Shannon has a heart for teaching financial literacy for the masses. It pains her to see people struggling with money when they don’t have to be, and as such, I grabbed onto her to be a mentor like super glue sticks to everything when we first started our journey to pay off debt.

All my life I’d bought things because they made me feel good. I mistakenly thought that “stuff” was the way to happiness, and I was determined to be “happy.” 

I grew up a poor kid in a lower middle class section of the city. After my parents’ divorce, our financial situation went from “struggling” to “we’re screwed”. For a girl just entering middle school, this is NOT a good place to be.

Read the rest of this post over at Fruclassity.


  1. Shannon is really a great adviser. Whenever I read her post, there is still something I learn from her even though I read a similar point/subject in other blogs or book. And, one great thing about her is that her blog is really personalized and based on experience.

    • Laurie says:

      I agree, Jayson! She has such a wealth of wisdom to share, and she always does it so kindly as well. She is an amazing teacher.

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