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bowl of apples sitting on counter

Is Organic Food Better?

bowl of apples sitting on counter
Is organic food really worth the cost?

There’s much debate in the world about whether or not organic food is better for you, and whether or not it’s worth the expense. As someone who’s been experimenting on and off with organic and non-organic food for nearly two decades, I’ve watched documentaries, read books and researched findings on both sides of the aisle: those in favor of organic, and those who say it’s a waste of money.

There are those out there who say that organic eating is a marketing scheme and a complete waste of cash, and those out there who insist we’ll die an early death if we choose to eat primarily non-organic food. Personally, I think that a balance can be found. I think that there is absolutely a place for organic foods in today’s society, and I believe that we are highly (and purposely) uneducated on the dangers of the pesticides and chemical additives in much of today’s food. Read more