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7 Prepping Moves You Need to Teach Your Kids Today

When you’re working to be a good prepping family, it’s often easy to focus on what you’re doing for your kids in the area of preparedness and forget about what you need to be teaching your kids in the area of preparedness.

We work hard to be good prepping moms and dads that make sure our kids have food supplies, water supplies, heating supplies etc. so that they’ll not be left un-cared for if the SHTF.

Yesterday while working with our 10-year-old son to clear the pasture of horse poo, I realized that we’ve got some work to do in the area of teaching him to not just be the recipient of our prepping work, but to have the capacity to know what he needs to do on his own in the case of a SHTF scenario.

It was a small situation really, Read more

Prepping For Newbies: What You Should Focus On

If you’re just beginning to consider being more prepared, whether that be for economic crises, weather-related crises, terrorist attacks or some other chaotic event, it’s important to assess what you really need and want in a prepping plan and to put that down on paper. At that point, you can begin taking steps to be more prepared.

First Focus

I was delighted to hear from a highly-esteemed friend and big shot in the corporate world that both he and his buddies (who work in the security department at his major company and are former FBI agents) are just as concerned as I am about the thought of being prepared for disasters of any kind. Prepping isn’t just for the crazies, as I’ve said dozens of times on this blog. There are real and valid reasons why prepping is a wise choice in this day and age of increasing natural disasters, regularly-occuring terror attacks and financial uncertainty. Read more