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How to Teach Your Kids About Money

kids-and-money-1Purchase¬†Laurie’s important new book on teaching your kids about money.

This short and easy-to-read book covers:

              • Foundational Principles for Parents
              • 5 Fundamentals Kids Must Learn About Money
              • And, more!

Grab your downloadable PDF copy today! 22 pages.

Making the Most of Your Child’s Gifts


Why is helping your children turn their gifts and talents into a career so important? In this easy-to-read book on parenting, Laurie talks about establishing a visionary spirit in your child and how to ¬†encourage them in creativity, productivity and entrepreneurship. The book will help you nurture and grow what is already in your child’s heart. 30 pages. PDF format.

7 Reasons You Might Want to Homeschool Your Child

7reasons-to-homeschool-1As a proponent and active homeschooling parent, Laurie lays out 7 reasons for homeschooling your child. She also addresses common myths associated with homeschooling including socialization and “know-how”. 22-pages. PDF format.