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3 Ways to Eliminate Pests for Less


You open the drawer, and there it is: teeny little mice droppings. The scatter of ants. Or the “click, click, click” of roach feet as they make a mad dash for a hiding place.

If you’ve ever had to deal with pest infestations such as mice, ants or roaches, you know what a massive job it is to get rid of the problem.

My goal today is to help you avoid having to deal with those types of pest infestations. Living in the country, we have more than our fair share of mice, ants and other pests endowing our land with their not-so-enticing presence.

How do we –and how can you – keep them at bay, away from the home and securely outside? Here are some solid tips for ensuring your home gets and stays free of mice, ants and other pests. Read more