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My Unintentional No-Spend Challenge

One more step toward success
One more step toward success

So, if you’re a writer, you’ll understand this. As I was writing my post for Fruclassity -the site I own along with Ruth from Prudence Debt Free – this week, I started to get super passionate about the subject of saving money. Before I realized it, I was issuing a challenge to readers to spend as little as they could for 30 days. That’s a good idea, I thought to myself after I’d written it.

Then I realized I couldn’t very well offer a challenge like that to our readers without committing to participating in it myself. Oh, crap. I didn’t mean it. I DIDN’T MEAN IT!

A secret you may or may not know about me is that I’m pretty good at pushing myself- within certain limits. I’m a total type-A that goes, goes, goes all the time. But there’s a strict circle around my “pushing myself” that never treads into the waters of “scary” or “highly uncomfortable”. Read more