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Teaching Children Money

How to Teach Money Lessons Early For the Win

Editor’s Note: Hi everyone! Please welcome our new staff writer, Shanah Bell. Shanah will be sharing her story and advice on the blog twice/month. We thought she’d made a great second voice on the blog in addition to Laurie’s. Enjoy!

Teaching children about money, and the power that it truly has to make or break your life, is one of the hardest parts of parenting. As a family of 5, with the age ranges of our children vastly different, that gets even more difficult to navigate. How we need to teach the 5 year old is completely different than the way we can teach the 12 year old.

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12 Things You Need to Know About Your Money

So, I’m confessing off the bat that I’ve ripped off this post idea from Rockstar Finance. The short, but thought-provoking post needed an expansion – at least in my mind.

The fact of the matter is that too many people don’t have as much of a clue about their money as they should. They have no idea how much debt they have, when they’ll be able to retire or what they’d do if the financial SHTF in their house.

This post today is designed to help you answer those questions. Read more

How Millennials Can Get Started Investing

Millennials, it's time to grow your money!
Millennials, it’s time to grow your money!

If you are one of the millions of young adults in this country and you’ve been considering investing, congratulations!  You’re already ahead of the majority of the other millennials out there.  But don’t pat yourself on the back just yet. You still need to do the work to get the ball rolling. But what’s the best way to get started? It may seem difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips that can help you get started investing right away. Read more

Why You Should and How You Can Save More Money

6355840185_8e1c4d8f11_zFor most of the nearly twenty years of our marriage, we never had any money in our savings account. Oh, we’d occasionally shove some money into the account for a week or two, but we’d always find a reason to take it out and spend it. Either we’d spend it because we needed it to pay bills (because we spent our bill-paying money on other stuff), an “unexpected” expense would rear its ugly head, or we’d see a “new and shiny” thing that we “needed”.

We read all the advice about paying yourself first, but, you see, that “didn’t apply to us” because we were “different”. We didn’t make as much as others. We had more expenditures than others. On and on the excuses went for many years. Read more

Balance Transfers and Consolidation Loans: Yes or No?

Balance transfers and consolidation loans can be powerful tools to help people eliminate debt faster. They can also be a train wreck leading to the accumulation of more debt.

How can you be sure that using one of these options to get debt under control is best for you?

Personally, we’ve used balance transfer and consolidation options that have saved us a ton of cash. We’ve also used these options and have had them lead to more debt and bigger financial trouble than we had in the first place.

I want you to avoid the mistakes we made using balance transfers and consolidation loans and to learn how to use them wisely as you pay off debt and build wealth – IF that is the right choice for your individual situation.

Here are some questions you can ask before you sign on the dotted line and reroute your debt somewhere else. Read more

4 Reasons Why You’ll Never Be Debt Free

Debt Freedom Will Elude You Forever Unless You Do These Three Things
Debt Freedom Will Elude You Forever Unless You Do These Three Things

You’ll NEVER be debt free. EVER!

Does that thought scare you? Good. I want you to experience some serious fear when you read that line.

Why, because fear can be an astronomical motivator.

Back in December, I wrote a post giving 7 Reasons Why You Can’t Get Out of Debt. I feel like I need to expand on that some more and share some additional reasons why some people will never, ever get out of debt.

I hear so many people saying that they simply can’t get out of debt.

I get it. Getting out of debt is hard. It takes work beyond what you can imagine for most people.

The reason for that is because many people with debt truly do have more debt than they can handle. Read more

colorful umbrellas

Can an Umbrella Policy Benefit You?

colorful umbrellas
Do you need an umbrella insurance policy?

Part of creating a smart total wealth picture includes living by the rule of “Insure What You Can’t Afford to Replace”. You’ve likely investigated or currently own insurance policies for your home, your car or your life.

However, have you investigated an umbrella policy and learned how one can potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars?

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My Unintentional No-Spend Challenge

One more step toward success
One more step toward success

So, if you’re a writer, you’ll understand this. As I was writing my post for Fruclassity -the site I own along with Ruth from Prudence Debt Free – this week, I started to get super passionate about the subject of saving money. Before I realized it, I was issuing a challenge to readers to spend as little as they could for 30 days. That’s a good idea, I thought to myself after I’d written it.

Then I realized I couldn’t very well offer a challenge like that to our readers without committing to participating in it myself. Oh, crap. I didn’t mean it. I DIDN’T MEAN IT!

A secret you may or may not know about me is that I’m pretty good at pushing myself- within certain limits. I’m a total type-A that goes, goes, goes all the time. But there’s a strict circle around my “pushing myself” that never treads into the waters of “scary” or “highly uncomfortable”. Read more

The Frugal Farmer 2016 Goals

2016 Goals

Setting goals is something I do personally and we do as a family every single year. Usually, I look forward to these goal-setting session with great anticipation. This year, not so much. It’s been an exhausting year here from a personal standpoint, and although we are praising God that we came through the many bumps in the road that we experienced with success, I’m Just. Plain Tired. Although I can’t share all of the details of our hurdles, they were intense to say the least.

Have you ever had a year like that? No need to share the details, it’s just that, in spite of the many tribulations I’ve experienced in my life (see more on that here, here and here) I’ve usually come out with a victorious attitude. This year I just feel kind of like I escaped certain destruction by the skin of my nose and I’m darn worn out. Read more