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Fit and Frugal: 5 Tips for Healthy Lifestyle

We’re all looking for ways to stay fit and stay within our budget. With a little creativity and a lot of sparks, it’s entirely possible to adjust your shopping, gardening, and cooking for an awesome outcome. Let’s get to it.

Say Farewell to Excuses


Sometimes we have excuses for living a healthy lifestyle. It takes so much time. It’s too much work. It’s so hard. It’s not convenient.


You know the gamut of excuses. But, that’s why it’s helpful to roll up our sleeves and tell all those excuses to take a hike. It’s time to say, “Farewell!” to all those excuses. Here are top tips from people who should be ‘too busy to stay fit and stay frugal.


Get Creative With Food


If you’re planning menus for an entire family, the details and demands just increase. One person doesn’t eat cheese. Another is allergic to wheat. If you aren’t careful to watch for the details, you may never get out of the kitchen.


That’s why it’s so useful to read what other people do – and do successfully. Check out the many tips on how to feed a family of six, on budget and happily.


Some of the favorite tips to get started include:


  • Shop farmers markets and vegetable stands
  • Buy produce in season
  • Avoid random trips to the corner store
  • Plan to use bulk, low-cost items
  • Grow your herbs


When you start looking at ways to stay fit with nutritional foods, you’ll have an impressive list of tips. It may inspire you to start a garden, join a community garden, or make soup.


Find Time to Stay Healthy


Pete is an RN in a busy Emergency Room. He is working a crazy schedule and picking up extra shifts to cover the bills. At the same time, he is enrolled in one of the popular online DNP programs. While earning his Doctor of Nursing Practice and working, he’s adopted Intermittent Fasting and using his spare time to hike mountain trails.


How does he manage? He has an online calendar for healthy activity and nutrition. He is so organized that he knows what to eat, when to hike, and how to study – all on a hectic work schedule.


Pete’s top tip is to do what you enjoy. If you love dancing, put on your favorite music and go for it. If you enjoy Pilates, take an online class. If you love hiking, set up a weekly date to go for a hike.


With a little planning, you can organize even a brutal work schedule to keep you fit, and within budget.


In addition to exercise, Pete’s top tips for bringing food to work:


  • Get sealable glass containers
  • Use protein powder to make satisfying smoothies
  • Prepare different meals, textures, and flavors
  • Make soup a mainstay
  • Drink green tea


Make a Meal Plan


It might seem like a little thing, but making a meal plan has a big positive effect. A meal plan can help you cook once, but serve twice. For instance, you might have a chicken dish one day, and use the broiled chicken in a salad the next day. If you didn’t have a meal plan, you wouldn’t see this time-saver.


The great thing about meal planning is that there are a lot of experts, nutritionists, and dieticians who have done the work for you. You can find loads of recipes that help you keep a healthy lifestyle and organize your meals accordingly.


Make It Your Own


The great thing about being fit and frugal is you can start today. You don’t have to wait, pay for an expensive course, or sign up for a spa. You can start right now.


A lot of the success of living a healthy lifestyle is making it a top priority. Once you decide to not put your health on a number 5 or number 10 of an internal To-Do List, you’ll see things fall into place.


With a healthy lifestyle as your top goal, it’s easier to look for practical approaches. You’ll get more ideas for things that you can do for free, and for a low cost. For example, you might make a list of your favorite breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that are cheap and yummy.


With this list in hand, you can go shopping – and you’ll be smiling to the store, at the store, and when you come back from the store. Here’s to being Fit and Frugal!