How to Save Money on Your Water Bill

One of the ways you can find more money to get out of debt and/or build wealth is by going through your budget line by line and cutting costs down where possible.

Doing everything you can to reduce your monthly water bill payment accomplishes two things: it enables you to allocate more finances for your other needs and helps prevent the depletion of the world’s supply of water. However, the above can only happen if you do the following things highlighted below.

Keep cold water in your refrigerator.

Instead of letting the water run out of the tap and waiting for the water to cool, fill up two or three glass pitchers and store them in your fridge. For best results, use a water pitcher that has a filter attached to it.

Make short showers a habit.

Reducing your shower time to four or five minutes allows you to save several thousand litres of water annually. Keep in mind that the more water you save, the less you need to pay for your water bill.

Never let the water run whilst you brush your teeth or shave.

Although it feels great to have instant access to water when it’s time to wash the toothbrush or razor, you can end up wasting several thousand litres of water each month this way. Keep a cup of water nearby and use its contents to brush the razor or toothbrush instead.

Contact a plumber to set up a low-flow tap or shower head in your home.

Low-flow taps and shower heads have mechanisms that prevent the consumption of so much water whilst still allowing for a good wash or shower.

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Run the washing machine and dishwasher at full loads.

By doing so, you reduce the number of times you need to run them and thus save water.

If you can help it, avoid hand-washing dishes before placing them into the dishwasher. You use 1/6 less water when you run a dishwasher at full load. But if you really need to hand-wash dirty dishes before you place them into the dishwasher, avoid running the tap. Instead, get a container filled with water. Use its contents to wash dishes.

Hire a plumber to fix leaks in your plumbing system.

Keep in mind that even a single leaky tap that spills one drop a second can waste thousands of litres of water annually.

One of the best ways to find leaks on your plumbing system involves reading the water meter when no one else is at home and all water fittings have been switched off. Choose a time to read the meter. Do the same after an hour. If you notice a ridiculously high second reading, contact a plumber immediately.

If it is legal where you live, harvest rainwater.

You can use rainwater for use in a variety of tasks like washing the driveway and gardening. To make the most out of this practice, make sure that Rain Water Tanks are a part of your rainwater harvesting system.

It does not take that much to save money on water, and unfortunately, this is why it’s easy to forget many of the steps mentioned above. As such, it’s important to write all of the above steps on pieces of paper, which you should post on different parts of your home.