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The Frugal Farmer’s Getting Married!

Submitted by on September 11, 2013 – 10:01 am 76 Comments

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Greetings, friends!  I have some exciting news!!!  With all of the weddings going on in the PF blogging world, our little pink pig has been feeling a bit left out.  So, as fate would have it, she was approached by a potential suitor at the end of May.  After a 3-month whirlwind courtship, she’s decided that she would accept her suitor’s proposal!

What on earth are you talking about, Laurie?  I know – you’re saying it in your head, aren’t you?

Here’s the real scoop :-):

So, you all know how very much I love our little life here at The Frugal Farmer.  So imagine my surprise when I was approached by a stranger wanting to buy my baby!  My first thought was “Surely he’ll offer us big bucks for this gem of a site.  After all, we’re surely ranking up in company with sites like Get Rich Slowly. 🙂 ”  Then reality hit, and I realized that The Frugal Farmer probably wasn’t worth all that much – yet.  Our dreams of paying off our debt in one fell swoop had both come and gone in an instant, LOL.

But there was something about this suitor that our little pink pig liked.  A connection of sorts.  And since I had no interest in selling my baby, we agreed to let the boy (and his friend.  I know this is starting to sound a little creepy, but bear with me.) court her for 90 days, and then re-assess their relationship.

Well, 90 days came and went, as of September 1st.  And our little pink pig is still madly in love with her suitors.

In plain English, The Frugal Farmer is no longer just a one-family operation.  Charlie and Aaron from Three Thrifty Guys, who have a heart for our vision here, have become Frugal Farmer partners!  We, as of September 1st, officially share joint ownership of the site.

What does this mean for The Frugal Farmer?  Not much, as far as readers are concerned.   The reason Rick and I are so on board with our new partnership is because Charlie and Aaron’s gifts and talents blend perfectly with mine.  It’s truly amazing!

Charlie is the visionary guy.  He’s big picture oriented, knows a lot about side hustle stuff and farming, and totally gets our homesteading goals and plans.

Aaron is amazing at technical stuff and sales/marketing stuff.  He’s the guy who knows well how to increase blog income and maximize SEO and all that jazz.

I, however, don’t have a clue about any of the above skills.  I simply love people, and I love to write.

So you see, combining my people and writing skills, with Charlie’s visionary and farming skills, and Aaron’s techie expertise, seemed like the absolute best way to maximize The Frugal Farmer’s ability to help people all around the world with getting out of debt and learning homesteading/self-sufficiency skills.  And aside from that, Charlie and Aaron are two of the sweetest, most humble guys you’ll ever want to meet.  They’re totally servant-hearted, and share my obsession love of learning and mastering good money-managing skills.

So, join us as we welcome them into the Frugal Farmer family (insert applause here 🙂 ).  As an aside, they’ve also welcomed me to their site as a contributing writer, which I am so excited about!  Three Thrifty Guys is a great and popular site that shares info on a wide variety of financial and life topics.

For some odd reason, I now have “The Love Boat” theme running through my head.  Awkward! 🙂