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Festival of Frugality #398

Submitted by on September 10, 2013 – 11:03 am 7 Comments

Welcome to the latest edition of Festival of Frugality!  Here we share 12 of the latest and greatest articles on frugality and saving money.  Please remember to link back to the carnival if your post was included, and if you’d like to submit a post for an upcoming festival, you can do that here.

Jay presents 10 Tips to Save Gas Today! posted at Daily Fuel Economy Tip. Warehouse clubs like Sams Club and Costco are some of the most popular places to shop in the United States today. But avoid these mistakes!

Abby Hayes presents Spender/Saver Tension? How Weekly Budget Meetings Can Save Your Finances (and Your Marriage!) posted at ReadyForZero Blog. Couple budgeting is never easy. This article shares tips on getting organized and working together – so you can protect your finances and your marriage!

Miss T. presents How to Take a Frugal (or Free) Vacation or Trip posted at Prairie Eco Thrifter. What if I told you I am able to take a free vacation or trip at least once a year? Would you believe me? I would be doubtful too if someone told me that, but the truth is that it’s rather easy to do if you have a rewards credit card and work hard to maximize your earning potential with it.

Crystal presents 45 Activities with Kids on the Cheap posted at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff. Here is the list of 45 activities with kids that I’ve come up with that can be done even with a tiny budget. Cheap children’s activities.

Mike presents Quick Ways to Decorate your Bedroom on a budget posted at Personal Finance Journey. Easy simple ways to decorating your bedroom on a tight budget that still gives that new bedroom feeling.

Lindy presents Modifications that Add Value to a Used Car posted at Minting Nickels. Just as new granite countertops can improve the value of a home, the right modifications can boost your car’s value.

Mr. Frenzy presents Finance Tips: 10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 20 posted at Frenzied Finances. There are some things you just don’t know when you’re 20. Read here for the top 10 things 20 year olds should know on finance.

Cat Alford presents How to Make Your Dream Holiday Within Reach posted at Budget Blonde. If you want to go on a dream holiday but can’t afford it, here are some tips to make it within reach!

Pauline presents  How I make money as a DJ posted at Make Money Your Way. This post will show you how Evan made $50,000 as a DJ.

Gary presents How To Reduce Your Electric Bill posted at Gajizmo. Chances are, your utility bill is anywhere between $100 and $400 per month. But what if you could save $1,000 per year on your utility bill? Check out our guide on lowering your water and electric bill every month by making minor lifestyle changes or small upfront investments. Most of these strategies even offer the dual benefits of saving you money and the environment.

Todd presents Are You Watching Mortgage Interest Rates Surge Through The Roof? posted at Modest Money. : Have you been diligently tracking mortgage interest rates? You should. They’re surging. Recently all the way up to 4.625%. That’s the largest weekly increase in FIFTY years! Just in January mortgage rates were 3.25%. There was no way to predict that they’d surge up 50% by 1.5 percentage points in less than half a year.

John S presents Cancel Your Cable, Save Thousands and Become More Productive posted at Frugal Rules. Spending money on cable television can often cost you over $100 per month and can add up quickly. If you’re looking to cut costs, save money and become more productive then cutting the cord can be a great option to look at.

Kristen presents 22 Free Finance Apps to Help Your Budget posted at My Dollar Plan. I recently got a new phone and have been trying to find the best apps that make life a little simpler and get the most out of my newly purchased device. Here’s a list of what I found to help me with my finances!

Simon presents ”4 Common Credit Card Pitfalls and How To Avoid Them” posted at Airline Miles Experts. ”A credit card is an alluring concept for many individuals. You can pay for the items you need or want without actually having the money in the bank. While credit cards are convenient and beneficial- they can also be problematic if used irresponsibly. Here are some common credit card pitfalls and steps for avoiding them.”


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