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Thanksgiving Family Feast Cover

How to Create a Budget Friendly Thanksgiving Family Feast

Every year, around Thanksgiving, people can be seen running around like chickens with their heads cut off, completely frazzled. Now, I realize there are a few different components at work here, but money is usually the root cause of this behavior. Where to find the money to pay for all of that food is really the kicker. But, this is something that we can resolve by creating a change with how and what we spend our money on.

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7 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Garden This Year



Gardening is not just a fun hobby – it can be a powerful, money-saving, life-saving skill. Back in the pioneer days, if you wanted to eat, you grew a garden. There weren’t mega stores in every town, filled with lush, 3-week-old fresh greens to fill your tummy. No, if you wanted food, you had to grow it yourself or work for someone who did. The thing about gardening though, is that learning to do it well doesn’t happen overnight. The blessed skill of gardening, once a must-have skill for every person, is now mostly a lost art. Most people don’t know how to garden – or to preserve the food that grows in the garden. Never fear, though, because today we’re going to share with you how you can get the most out of your garden, even if you’re a beginner gardener. Read more

Delicious Holiday Appetizers and Desserts

I had a more serious prepping post for today, but since it’s the Christmas season I’ll save that for later and focus on happier stuff. 🙂  I haven’t done a food post in awhile, so I thought I’d share some of our very favorite appetizers and desserts, many of which we’ll be serving during the upcoming week and a half. Just click on the links at the top of the pics to get the recipes. Enjoy! Read more

Easy and Delicious Apple Crisp

easy-and-delicious-apple-crispSo, it’s no secret here at The Frugal Farmer household that we love our desserts.  Being that we have three plush apple trees in our yard (I highly recommend planting apple and other fruit trees: it’s a great way to help improve self-sufficiency, and apples are SO yummy!) we work to make good use of the fall apple bounty. Yesterday I made two apple pies. Today I made a pan of warm, delicious apple crisp. I’m telling you, there’s nothing like apple crisp to warm the tummy and the heart on a cold fall winter day.    Read more

5 Effective Ways to Improve Garden Cultivation


Today’s post is a guest post from fellow blogger Ann, who owns the Sumo Gardener blog. Enjoy!

 How to Improve Garden Cultivation

We always want to maximize the crops we harvest after a season of hard work. Our goal as gardeners is to produce sustainable food for our own consumption while maximizing our use of land and minimizing waste and losses. However, gardening should not only be focused on taking care of the crops that we will harvest at the end of the planting season.

One of the most important steps in determining your planting season’s success is usually the first step that you have to do: land cultivation. Today we’ll talk about five different ways that you can improve land cultivation in your garden, no matter how big or small it is. Read more