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How to Find the BEST Side Hustle for You

Side hustles are all the rage these days. People are looking to earn more money without having to work a traditional job role for “the man”, so to speak. But does side hustling really work? Or a better question might be why does side hustling work for some people rather than others?

Ever since I started staying home with the kids, I’ve been looking for side hustles to help supplement our income. Most have failed. One has succeeded. Read more

How to Start a Blog in Four Easy Steps

So, I haven’t been talking much on the blog about my blogging income, but since it’s increasing at a pretty decent rate I don’t feel I can keep this secret gem to earning extra income a secret anymore.

When I started this blog in January of 2013, I had not one clue about blogging or technical stuff like how to set up a blog. In fact, I hadn’t even read a blog until the end of 2012. I really was in the dark ages.

I always hoped to start making money online; after all, I’d heard these great stories about people doing so. Read more

How I Make Money Writing for Blogs

How I Make Money Writing for BlogsHey, Frugal Farmer friends! I wanted to share with ya’ll a little bit today about the income I make blogging and how I make money writing for blogs as well. Often times, when I tell people that I have a “career” as a blogger, they look at me with that look. You know: the “Yeah, I KNOW that’s a scam” look. As if I were part of a pyramid scheme in which a secret society finds some hidden, illegal route to making the big bucks and alienating family and friends in the process. 🙂 However, making money blogging and writing for blogs is a real and valid source of income for thousands and thousands of people.  Read more