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The Dangers of a Poor Credit Rating

You often hear the importance of having a good credit score and why you should take steps to improve your rating, but what are the dangers of bad credit? Having bad credit is not an ideal situation, but unfortunately it is all too common a problem. This can have a serious impact on many different areas of your life, but there are always solutions available and it is important to remember that you can improve your score. Read more

5 Reasons Why Meal Planning Is Part of a Frugal & Healthy Living

Living under a tight budget can be rough, which is why it pays to stretch every penny as far as possible. One way to make your food budget go further is to plan your meals weekly instead of leaving them as a last-minute decision. This technique lets you buy ingredients when they’re cheaper, and in bulk, so you can save money on both fronts. Check out these five reasons for why meal planning should be part of your frugal living strategy.

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Five Unique Benefits of Savings Accounts That Most People Don’t Know About

When you look at how most people view investing, they are always referring to factors such as real estate, foreign currency, precious metals, or stocks. And you will also find that these investment factors can form some long-term returns on your overall income.  When talking about incomes and sources of incomes, subjects like installment loans online cannot be ignored. Unlike the regular loans that many people apply for at banks or creditors, these types of loans offer maximum flexibility in terms of payments and application.

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Separating Fact from Fiction: The Difference Between Buying and Leasing a Car

Should you buy or should you lease? Ask 100 people, and you’ll likely find a split vote. There are some people who would never lease or never buy, and they’ll have plenty of so-called facts to back up their decision. In reality, one isn’t better than the other—it just depends on what works for you. Most people are more familiar with buying or financing a car rather than leasing a car, but that doesn’t mean ownership is the “best” route.

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How Many DBA Names Can Someone Register?

A DBA (Doing Business As) is a company that does business under a different name, for example Coca Cola & Coca Cola Bottling Company. DBA is also called a fictitious name or trade name and is a required registration process for business owners that wish to do business as any other name that differs from their legal name. To become a DBA a business must apply. DBA application filing is a process overseen by DBA laws and local government form state to state, and protects the public from nefarious businesses owners.

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